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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Nuthatches and ...a nibbler!!

The little nuthatches were out flitting in the trees again about 6 p.m. I'm not sure how many, but at least three. I was able to get a few more photos. They are so much fun to watch. They flutter their wings, then hang off the ends of branches and flit between the fruit trees. I haven't actually seen them coming from the birdhouse, though. In fact I got a photo of a nuthatch on the birdhouse with something in its beak...I don't know what it's doing or who it is??

However....there was something else in the the rose garden... quite possibly last night. I thought the roses looked rather odd, and then realized that the ends of the new growth had been nibbled off, probably by a deer. I wasn't impressed. Nikki's bud however, remains intact, but looks rather strange sticking straight up with little foliage around it. The other new little bud is gone. Three sides of the garden have fencing up, and the other side has a shed, so I spent the afternoon putting a couple of hinges on a screen door and rigging up a gate to keep whatever it is out of there... I hope it does the trick, and hopefully the roses will not have suffered any lasting damage.


  1. Birds like this are so entertaining! I'm glad that you've seen them them again, and managed to get some photos!
    Sorry to hear that something is finding your roses rather tasty. Let's hope that the measures that you've taken will prevent further problems. xx

  2. Congrats for getting these pics, Glo. It must be fantastic to have such entertaining neighbors as these little birds :-) Though hungry neighbors might not be such a good thing if they eat your ornamental plants!

  3. Love those close up shots of the little ones Glo. We don't seem to have many different kinds of birds here in the city but maybe there are more than I think. We do get a flock of green parrots from time to time. Boy are they loud!

  4. Flighty ~ Yes, indeed I have found the little birds delightfully entertaining. I think being aware of all the springwatching going on via the blogs, has increased my awareness of what's going on around here! I'm not sure I would have taken as much notice otherwise. No more damage to the roses so far, and I'll be keeping close watch!

    Nikki ~ Thanks :) I do find bird watching quite fascinating, usually down at the beach where there are eagles, herons, etc., and of course the spring ducklings were quite the fid. Nice to know that I don't have to venture farther than my backyard to see spring in action.
    I was a bit concerned about the roses been accessible to "hungry neighbours", but I thought that the garden was tucked out of the way...obviously not! Hopefully I've solved the problem. A friend suggested mixing an egg with a gallon water and spraying it on to deter deer.

    Roomie ~ I'm glad you liked the closeups. The little birds are so cute, and look like they are really having fun. There are a few fruit trees in the back yard and the little birds enjoy flitting amongst them, seeming to favour the apple trees. The hummingbird seems to be hovering around the apricot tree (which has only ever had one apricot on it the last 15 years! and which the grape vine like to climb). Interesting that you have green parrots in the area, which make their presence known, by the sounds of it:)