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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oh, Deer!

I took this photo a couple of years ago, when I saw these two walking down our street. The photo seems a little blurred, but just to show you the wildlife that wanders through the neighbourhood, looking for tasty new growth on roses ~ but aren't they dear? :)



  1. Such dear looking deer! I certainly don't see anything like that here. xx

  2. groan!
    Oh Deer what have you done!
    I glimpsed a deer once. I was travelling form work to home and it was in July 2003 (I have reasons for remembering) and a deer crossed my path on a bendy country road between fields on the Fells.
    I wonder if that mean something in superstitious terms?
    Great pic Glo...

  3. They ARE deer! But I wouldn't want these visitors anywhere near my neighbourhood! The fences are too low!!!

  4. Flighty ~ I think you wrote a rhyming poem ;) We have signs everywhere..."Expect to see deer on the road", "Deer crossing", "Watch for deer"...deer roam quite freely. There are also elk, but live in herds more wilderness areas. Once I looked out of the front window, and a deer was looking in...I don't know which of us was more surprised! No, I don't suppose there are any deer right where you live!

    Daffy ~ Sorry... was it the play on words that made you groan! LOL
    I look more at symbolism than supersition...and I think that a deer that crossed your path on a bendy road, could have a very symbolic meaning...
    Thanks ~ I wish the photo was clearer, but sometimes I'm so excited when taking the picture, I think I wiggle the camera...I have learned to breathe out when taking a photo, and think that helps.

    Nikki ~ No, you certainly wouldn't want these characters anywhere near your rose garden!! They like other delicacies too...but I do like seeing them :)

  5. Great pic, and a very typically Canadian pristine front lawn with big front window...hehe!

  6. How amazing to have deer walking down your street. Have they ever found your lovely plants? x

  7. Yes, deer LOOK adorable. But our gardens are their idea of fine dining. On the other hand, that might be worth gardening for.