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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bucketing down!

I do not know what has happened to our weather, but today it has rained and rained, and it is still pouring. This is not a spring shower, but a deluge that feels like we're back in the throes of winter. 7 degrees C! One of the gutters at the back of the house has been damaged, and is leaking, so I placed some plastic pails to stop the downpour from inundating in one area. As I realized the pails were getting filled in just a short time, I hauled the large plastic garbage bin to the spot. Within a couple of hours, it was overflowing! I think the seeds I planted yesterday will have either been drilled down 2 feet, or have gone off floating down the road and perhaps found their way into the sea!

On the shiny side, isn't it amazing how life-giving water just falls from the sky :)



  1. Over here in England we have had our fair share of this type of weather recently. Fortunately for us at the moment we are experiencing sunshine and warmer temperatures but all is set to change again tomorrow! Thank you for the information on iris. From now on when I see a rainbow I shall think of my nan. x

  2. Rain is always welcome but not a deluge and only 7C, that is cold!
    I think that some of my seeds suffered a similar fate! xx

  3. Wow! A deluge in June? We've had some very warm weather over last weekend, but things are a temperate 70F just now. It's too bad we can't share our weather - I'd send you some sunshine for sure :-)

  4. Hi Louise ~ yes, it has been an odd spring all around I think! However, this afternoon, the sun came out about 2 o'clock as if nothing at all had been untoward! There it was just shining away as if that was its regular day job! Nice that you will associate rainbows with your Nan ~ they are very special, and so it sounds, was she :)

    Hello Flighty ~ Yes, it was indeed cold, wet and downright miserable...but as I was saying above, this afternoon the sun came out as if it had never left! But I had containers full to remind me that it indeed rained buckets. I carried the water in smaller pails around the yard, and watered things that are sheltered by trees. Thought I might give Mother Nature a hand, since she had so amply supplied us! I'm hoping the seeds will still germinate...eternal optimism!

    Nikki ~ Yes, please send us some California sunshine via express, and I'll happily swap you with a bucketful of spring water :) (when I re-read that it sounded like I'd swamp you with a bucket of no... ;) 70F is quite a lovely temperature and I could handle that perfectly!

  5. It is amazing how much better the plants like the rain, instead of the garden hose! The hose just keeps them alive, the rain nurtures them. A cold rain isn't very pleasant sounding though. Here it rains in the summer, and cools things off, which is lovely.