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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembrance Day Aircraft

This morning I watched the Remembrance Day Ceremonies on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on TV.  (8:00 a.m. our time).  I realized it was nearing 11:00 a.m. here when I heard the unmistakable sound of the fly past, and ran outside with my camera  ~ but too late to catch the warbirds.  I decided to head to the airport to see them land, but when I got to my lookout spot, a fellow told me the aircraft were heading to a few locations south of here.  I returned to the airport a bit later, and heard air craft approaching. I turned my camera on to see "battery dead".  Arggh.  I drove home quickly, grabbed my other camera, and headed back to the airport.  By the time I got there, I could see that the Harvard had already landed, but overhead the T-28 Trojan was circling.  No one else was in the vicinity, so I quickly found a good spot for filming, and saw the T-28B land and motor over to the Harvard. 

When I downloaded the video, I saw that it was 121 mb which is too large for Photobucket, so I have shortened it a bit at the beginning and the end ~ Did you catch the little wave, Flighty :)

Here's a photo I took of the Harvard and Trojan as the pilot and passenger were getting ready to disembark.



  1. You fought alot of bad karma to get those shots! Well done you! How wonderful that must have been to see!

  2. You fought alot of bad karma to get those shots! Well done you! How wonderful that must have been to see!

  3. Woops! Sorry Glo. Got a little clicky happy as things weren't happening quick enough for me. You can delete them for me yes? All the extras? Many thanks

  4. Great piece of video. Definitely a case of supererogation there. ;)

  5. Wonderful, and yes I did notice the little wave!
    These are two terrific aeroplanes, especially the Harvard, which look and sound great in the air.
    Flighty xx

  6. Hi Glo, thanks for the nudge - I need those! Thank you for never forgetting me.

    Happy belated birthday. Great photos as usual - coming back here reminded me why I enjoy seeing the world through your observant eyes.

    Neat little video of the plane. On Monday, walking to work, two military jets thundered overhead. There was so much soundwave, the ground shooks and I thought my lungs were going to fall out!

    Well, good night. I hope you don't mind clicking on my Facebook link for the photos, since it is a public album and anyone can see it - I suppose I ought to mention that when I post them...

  7. Yes, I saw the little wave! Thanks for making heroic efforts to get out there for this filming -- it's a scramble when camera gear doesn't behave.

  8. Hi Daffy ~ Thanks for coming by ~ and I have left your comments because they make me smile, and because I look like I've received more comments :) Most often when I run into difficulties, I persevere ~unless it just doesn't pan out at all, then I know it's not to be!

    Hi John ~ Glad you enjoyed the video ~ I love my new vocabulary word ~ "supererogation" ~ thanks ~ I had to look it up, and I realize I often go above and beyond! ~ just the way I am, I guess!

    Hi Flighty ~ I thought you'd like the video ~ I was sorry I wasn't able to catch the roar of the Harvard, but at least I got to see one of them land and a wave, to boot!

    Yay, Liv! It's nice to know that a nudge from way over here reaches its mark ;) Thanks for the birthday greetings. Glad you enjoyed the video. Gosh, the after effects of those jets that shook the ground must have been unnerving! I will check out your Facebook photos (do I have to be a Facebook member - I'm not) Anyway, it was good to read your blog, which I'll reply to and I'm thrilled to hear about your new home. Whoopee - sounds fantastic - just like you! and Ahoy there, matey to you and Jeff - terrific pirate costumes :)

  9. Hi Nikki - Glad to know you saw the wave, too :) My batteries in my camera stay charged for a long time, so I guess I start taking it for granted that they'll be always at the ready! That'll teach me. Luckily I had another ready to go.