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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Two weeks later...

Where have I been? What have I been doing? Somebody better tell me because I have no idea. Just kidding. I've been otherwise occupied  ...

Remember little Morris Mouse?
He's in the country, not the house.
But Doris, I'm afraid to say
became confused and lost her way.
I heard a snap and caught my breath
to see old Doris ... well you get the idea.
Each time I hear the toaster pop,
I jump and think it's Boris. Stop!
Enough, I say, of mice - no more.
I've boarded up the catflap door
and put a sonar sounding thing
in the garage, and strung a string
to trip them up ~ no that's not true,
I pulled your leg! What else is new...

My laptop hinges fell apart
which makes it difficult to start.
It used to sit upon my knee
but now it's propped so I can see ~
Another laptop's left, enroute,
and by December, I'll reboot.

Oh, yes...a project looming nigh
is in the bathroom. Ask me why!
I checked a corner, which seemed damp
and when I shone a beaming light
I realized I must replace
some aqua board, to fill a space.
And then I started on the floor
- off I went to the hardware store.
I bought some drywall, baseboard, too,
new flooring and a tub of glue.
And now I spend my nights in there
instead of in a comfy chair.
So that's the scoop of where I've been
and what I've done .... the mess I'm in ...

(Not really, it's just life ;))

Put on your overcoat, mitts and hat ~ Although the weather has become wet, wild and woolly, I spent an hour or two where the river meets the sea last weekend. Watch the eagle in the movies ~




There were also may seals bobbing up and down - especially 'down' when the camera came closer!

Hope to visit there again this weekend.

Sorry I haven't been commenting on blogs, but I've had quick visits and enjoy keeping up with all the interesting news and views. :)

Happy Thanksgiving Day to my friends across the border!


  1. Really enjoyed the poetry. You seem to be having more than your fair share of problems at the moment. Sounds as though you are getting an early Christmas present Glo.

    Lovely video clips of the Sea Eagles. I notice your gulls are just as vocal as ours!

  2. So nice to see you popping back in. And you weren't kidding about life happening all around. At least you're not bored! Lovely to see the eagles, too, Glo.

    Roomie and I were thinking of making a picture book of Minou for my Aunt's family and thought how fun it would be with your witty rhymes threaded throughout.

    And thank you for the lovely Thanksgiving wishes. Today promises to be mild and warm and maybe I'll get to spend some time outside.

  3. You've obviously had no time to get bored that's for sure!
    The mice verse had me chuckling.
    Wet, wild and woolly is the perfect desciption of the weather here for much of the past few weeks!
    Take care, Flighty. xx

  4. Hi John ~ so glad you enjoyed my little poem ~ writing in such away puts things in perspective with a bit of humour tossed in! Yes, I never thought of the new laptop as a Christmas gift to myself, but why not! Perfect.

    Did you see the bald eagles pick up the salmon and carry them off! Quite amazing to watch in real life! It gets to be a noisy place when the salmon are coming to spawn ~ and the gulls are noisy at anytime!

    Hi Nikki ~ Nope, I'm never bored ~ even when things are seemingly running smoothly! Glad you enjoyed the eagles, too.

    I mentioned in a comment on your blog that I'd be happy to add to your meowy Christmas book ~ and then I thought, eek, what if her aunt reads my comment ~ there goes the surprise. If that is the case, please delete my comment.

    Glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

    Hi Flighty ~ glad my mice poem brought a chuckle. Might as well laugh at what life comes up with! Today we had some sun for the first time in a long time, it seems, and it was absolutely glorious. I think it's gone again, but it felt good!

  5. Oh I in the right blog!
    I see that I am...and yes I do like this layout!
    Flighty xx

  6. Thanks Flighty ~ I knew it was time to change my autumn header, and one thing led to another ~ and this is what evolved :) Glad you like the layout.