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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy December!

Just a quick post while I'm waiting for mincemeat pies to finish baking ~ so it's 12:30 in the morning!  Doesn't everyone bake at this time?

I'm up late baking up a storm ~ to thank some community members for reading with the students - tomorrow at coffee break.     I have baked a cake, ginger cookies, shortbread fruit tarts, lemon squares, and am just finishing up with the mincemeat tarts in the oven.

Last Sunday I put the new flooring down in the bathroom, and I'm pleased with it.  I just have new baseboards to attach and then a bit of shining and polishing!

It's amazing to think it's December already.  I have a turkey ordered from the farm for Christmas and I guess soon I'll be putting up the tree.  

The weather has cleared up nicely, however it is chilly.  Smells just like winter!  It's nice to have a break from the rain.  

So that's my little post, and I'm off to dreamland accompanied by yummy smells permeating the household!   


  1. Goodness me midnight blogging ...whatever next!
    Needless to say a hot mince pie would go down very well with my cup of tea! Flighty xx

  2. Glo, you never cease to amaze me with your one-woman-bakeshop act. Hope it all went well and was well received.

    And, yes, roomie and I would LOVE to have your help on our Minou story. We're planning a 20 page book with heaps of photos and maybe a story poem to run throughout. What would help you?

  3. Hi Flighty ~ I'm often up at midnight, although I do try to get to bed earlier...but once I'm in bed, I know that when I get up, it's off to work time! The evenings and nights are all mine :) to bake, to blog, to read.... Yes, I know it's getting close to Christmas when I taste my first mince tart, sprinkled with icing sugar, because I breathe it in, and start coughing as the icing sugar tickles my throat as it is breathed in! Ahhh....

    Nikki ~ Well, I do go 'beyond the scope of the assignment' especially when it's my own idea ~ but it was fun and all appreciated. I meant to take a photo, but by the time I had it all set out on the table, it was time for the hoard to arrive, so I completely forgot. I decorated the cake to look like a book so they liked that.

    On to Minou ~ if you could send me 'the story' or some ideas from the photos you'd like me to incorporate into a poem, that would be good. Flighty has my email address and I think you have his, so perhaps you can ask him to give my address to you, unless it is available from my comments on your blog. Thanks :)