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Monday, June 30, 2014

June Photo Scavenger Hunt!

1.  B is for...Butterflies

I was entertained by two Tiger Swallowtail butterflies cavorting and flitting around the front windowboxes and front door...

So I was quite happy with my B is for Butterflies, until I went to the car show on Father's Day and saw that B was actually for


2. 10 a.m.

Well, is it 10:00, or 4:30 ?  Neither, it was 1:20 p.m.

3.  Spoon

How exciting is this?  At a diner, ordering a bowl of soup ~ and I see a shiny spoon... perfect! (ahem)

4.  Puppet

Walking into an information centre at Miracle Beach National Park, I spied a wall laden with puppets! How fortuitous!   "Oh," says I, "May I take a photo of your wall full of puppets?" 

Although the sign pleads not to touch the puppets, don't these little frogs look like they are begging for a hug ~ awww...

5.  You again ~

Young robins are hopping everywhere, and seem more in abundance now that the cherries are ripening.  I was having fun taking pictures of this little one, when suddenly he seemed to be ...

somewhat perturbed ...

6.  Water

In the same neighbourhood as Miracle Beach, I came across an estuary where Black Creek flows into the ocean.

7.  Habitat

I thought mother and her two young quackers fit the bill here, floating along serenely in a pond surrounded by reeds and grasses... a perfect habitat for the family.

8. Soccer

My first soccer ball photo was taken with my phone in a store, and believe it or not, this is the first photo I emailed to myself so I could upload it online... I know!

The second photo of a soccer ball was taken at the case I couldn't figure out how to download the first photo... I know!!

The third photo of a soccer ball was taken because it was so hard to miss!!!

9.  Calm

It was another beautiful day, the tide was out, so I went for a beach walk on the sand ~ I saw this picture perfect pet sitting calmly, patiently waiting for someone to come and play ....

10.  Man-made

My first photos are of a trestle ... fortunately, not many, if any, trains are running lately.  With some trepidation, I trekked along the tracks until I came to ... a drop off ...

However, later, once again at Miracle Beach, behold!  A young man in the midst of making a man-made structure ~ Perhaps he was planning on perching on top once the tide came in.  I must go back and see how it evolved.

 11.  Open

I have two opens!  The first was on the same trip to Miracle Beach, when I noticed that some poor soul had left keys in the mailbox and wandered off leaving the box ajar.  I just wonder what the story is behind the seemingly preoccupied person.  Some shocking mail?  A senior moment?  A bear scared them off... Who knows?   And how long did it take before the keys were recovered?  Or were they...

The second 'open' shot was taken of a young robin, slightly older now, with mouth open to be fed... Either that, or it's protesting..."She's back again taking photos of me...."

12.  Steam

I was thinking I'd have to make a trip to McLean's Mill.  However, as luck would have it, I was attending a little celebratory gathering and as I was getting out of my vehicle, what to my wondering eyes did appear but a 1908

I was delirious! 

Here is its special steam sound and whistle done just for me (and you!)

Thanks to greenthumb for hosting this scavenger hunt ~ I enjoy getting out and about searching and finding!  

Happy Canada Day on July 1!


  1. My faves are the butterfly pics and that lone pup waiting patiently for his master. And congrats for figuring out how to send pics to yourself for download. Isn't tech grand? ;p

  2. I was going to ask if you enjoy these hunts and then came to the end of your post :) I certainly enjoy the results!

  3. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. So many great photos. I really like open, steam, soccer well they are all great. Did you leave a link to your SH photos on the SH page? Because I found a link at the bottom of my post? Greenthumb.

  4. Just found it on the SH page maybe I should have looked there first. Greenthumb

  5. We have a toy sized steam engine that looks just like your find! I enjoyed scrolling through your photos and did so a few times. Your photos are great. I really love the pictures with the robin begging or food. We don't get many small birds in our garden because of the cats. x

  6. A great collection of photos, I love steam and water.

  7. Snap! I had a photo of a Swallowtail for my B is for picture too! But how could we not? They're so beautiful. I also love the 'you again' photos - really made me laugh - what a characterful bird :) Love 'man made' too - although that looks a very hairy piece of track!

  8. A lovely post with wonderful pictures, of which the Bentley and that steam engine really caught my eye. Flighty xx

  9. Miracle beach looks like a wonderful place.

  10. Great photos. I love the 'calm' one but the first 'open' shot is my favourite.

  11. Lovely photos. The butterflies are beautiful but I think I prefer the Bentley! Love that old steam engine too. x

  12. Lovely collection here. Your butterflies are beautiful, You Again made me laugh, your robins are different to ours.

  13. What a wonderful selection of photos - I love that you go to so much trouble to find something that fits the bill. My favourite - the dog on the beach - such an expectant pose.

  14. Glo ~ Wow! You get kudos for persistence! I'm glad you got off the train tracks when you got to the drop off! LOL! The butterflies were gorgeous. And how fun to see and hear the train ~ You went above and beyond! The clock was funny; I'm glad you spotted it! Have a good one!

  15. You are a hoot, Glo. A wonderful, creative collection as always.. complete with your humourous commentary. How incredibly coincidental that you ordered soup and they gave you a spoon! ;) I'll stop now. Always, always, I enjoy your posts. :)

  16. I always enjoy your photographic hunts, Glo. That robin shot is gorgeous! So close, you could probably pet the little fellow. Love that butterfly shot with the one in flight. Sweet dog waiting so patiently amidst all that calm water.

  17. Enjoyer your scavenger hunt, the butterflies so lovely to see as is the cheeky robin.

  18. Ha, the clock is hilarious!!! The perturbed robin is sweet and what luck to see the Massey!!!! X

  19. I like a clock where I can choose whether I am early or late for a meeting ;)
    Love the flutters.
    I wonder if the young man is going to use his platform for fishing.
    Patient dog is a brilliant capture.

  20. Wow, so many interesting pics to comment on. I do hope the owner of the keys returned....what a pain it is to lose them!
    Well, I simply LOVED your tiger swallowtail butterflies, oh how beautiful they are, then I came to the adorable puppets which had me smiling, then the smile became broader as I enjoyed the robins and the lovely dog on the I would like to sit on that man made structure and watch the tide ebb and flow!ccc

  21. What a fantastic set of photos! Loved the frog puppet with his elbows (do frogs have elbows?) resting on the branch, and 'you again' made me laugh - his face is so funny!