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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mostly birds and boats

Recently I drove down to Victoria to meet two of my sons who had been to a concert and were travelling back from Seattle on the Clipper.  While I was visiting Victoria, I enjoyed an autumn walk through Beacon Hill Park.


I checked the Children's Petting Zoo area thinking it would be the opportunity to check out the eyes of sheep to see how weird they are (something I've been trying to do since reading about it recently ;))  However, the animals were gone for the season, but the apologetic sign made me smile. 

Once leaving the park, I headed to the Inner Harbour where I noticed the large Greenpeace vessel.  Had I known it was open to the public, I would have ventured down to get on board!

It's a busy harbour with docking facilities for the large Coho ferry that crosses to Port Angeles, USA, the Clipper that heads to Seattle, and numerous little ferry boats that putter around transporting people across the waterways.

Here's the famous Fairmont Empress Hotel ~ too bad it was an overcast day, as it looks much better with a background of blue sky, as in the link!

 Clippity clop ~ Horse drawn carriages ready for tourists.

Shortly after the Coho Ferry departs, the Clipper arrives  ~

I always enjoy my visits to Victoria ~ a place I lived between the ages of 16 and 22!


  1. A most enjoyable post, terrific pictures and informative links.
    It must be great to live in, or visit a place, like that which offers so much of interest. Flighty xx

  2. Looks like such a lovely place vist.

  3. What a lovely place and how lucky you were to live there for a few years. I did enjoy these pics, but what a shame you didn't get on the Greenpeace boat. I do hope you get a chance to look into the weird eyes of a sheep or goat...seeing a rectangle instead of a circle is most odd.xxxx

  4. Sounds like there is plenty to see and do there - lovely pics of the peacocks irridescence (not sure if that's spelt right but I am sure you know that I mean shiney feathers)!

  5. I've always found Victoria to be a lovely city though I've only ever seen it in photos. Yours confirm that all the more. I love the peacock image and the two which follow it. Nicely done.