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Thursday, October 9, 2008

On Task

Some people's work, it seems, is never done.
They labour on with purpose, step by step,
determined to stay busy, full of pep
from dawning hours until the setting sun!

They seem to think that they are in control,
yet wonder why there isn't time enough
to finish all their projects, all the stuff
they need to do to reach each daily goal.

Procrastination ~ that's what works for me!
Creatively I find the smartest ways
to make excuses. Frankly, I amaze
myself as well! Such ingenuity!

What works for you, I wonder? May I ask?
Do you slack off or are you right on task?


  1. Thanks for this terrific poem.
    You may ask and it's both I'm happy to say!
    This post will be mentioned and linked in my entry. xx

  2. Thanks Flighty ~ I'm up late ~ Just watched "Top Hat" which was on TCM while I was posting the poem. I also read a book tonight. I've had a busy night, although not much work involved (except for the poem!)

  3. Very thought provoking Glo! It made me smile in recognition - both the scurrying around and the procrastination!

  4. I love it! A poem about work that champions procrastination! The perfect balance...

  5. Daffy is in awe of the fabulous Glo(w)
    Magic missus, just magic! xx

  6. Thanks again Flighty for your comment and being linked to your site. I've enjoyed reading the poetry! Rather ironic that "work" isn't looked at as inspiring, yet we spend so much time at it!

    vp ~ thanks for your response and I'm glad my thoughts triggered a smile of recognition!

    rosezilla ~ Glad you enjoyed my poem! A balance between digging in and procrastinating seems about right!

    Why, thank you Daffy. :) Good that you gave Flighty a bit of "inspiration" to get it in gear!

  7. Glo - thanks for reading my poem - I enjoyed yours too, and it's nice to meet Flighty's chums, and find out how many kindred spirits there are out here in blogspace.

  8. Lovely to see you, Lois, and many thanks for coming by and leaving such a nice message :) Yes, it is nice to be among kindred spirits...

  9. I'm a procrastinator, but when I work I work hard :)

    I wish I had seen Top Hat, I love that stuff!

  10. Hi Liv ~ Thanks for dropping by :) You do indeed work hard!!! and sometimes what is sometimes seen as procrastination is actually just taking the time to think things through ;)We're right in the midst of a Thanksgiving weekend here, so haven't had time to be on the computer much.

  11. I'm with VP - yes to both your questions ;-)