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Monday, October 27, 2008



Seeing Wordle on Wake up Scared's blog gave me an idea of how to show my poem from a different perspective in this topsy-turvy world.

On Friday I sat in the dentist’s chair
from half past one until the clock struck five.
Impressions they were making seemed to tear
in half. Somehow, I managed to survive.
On Saturday I reached inside my car
to get my camera out. I grabbed the pack
when, yipes! A sudden twang ~ oh how bizarre!
I couldn’t straighten up! My aching back!
On Sunday I tried hard to sit or stand
without a painful spasm. It was no use.
Oh, for a back massage…a helping hand
to give relief and set these muscles loose.

What’s that? Oh no! The toilet’s sprung a leak!
That’s just the weekend! Now, here comes the week!


On Monday I stayed home from work to rest
I couldn’t do much else. I read a book.
I tried to get up once or twice. A test
to see if I could move at all. I took
an Ibuprofen ~ it was recommended
but then I fell asleep ~ and drove a bus
oh, that was in my dreams, of course. It ended
before I had to back it up ~ a plus.
On Tuesday, I’ll stay home. I shouldn’t drive
or hobble into work. It isn’t wise.
My emails let them know I am alive
and if they ask me questions, I’ll advise.

My laptop is a boon on days like these.
I hope I’m better soon…no guarantees!!


  1. Oh dear I'm sorry to hear that! I hope that your couple of days off will help and that you recover quickly.
    I smiled at your dream ending before you had to back the bus up!
    Those Wordles are good, I must try that on my blog.
    Take care! xx

  2. Haven't got a clue about wordles but I hope you get well soon.

  3. Flighty ~ well, I've booked off a couple of more days because I'm not right yet, but I think there is some improvement. It was an interesting dream about a huge coach bus, because I had parked it very well, and yet when I got out to look around I had no idea how I was going to get out of there. I remember even hesitating when I drove down into that narrow space...I think the dream may have come from seeing a big school bus passing my house and having to drive between two vehicles parked on either side of the road. I have been sleeping in the afternoons, probably because of the uncomfortable nights, and so I can remember them quite clearly. Wordles are kind of fun!

    Hi Daffy ~ Wordles is a site that lets you put in some text and then throws them up in the air and they randomly end up as "word clouds". I then screensaved and put it into a photo program to save and then uploaded it to Photobucket. Sounds like a lot of mucking about, but it was an experiment on my part! I like playing with words :) Thanks for the good wishes...I hope I'm back to 100 percent PDQ.

  4. Poor poor Glo! I'm so sorry about these calamities ganging up on you -- including the calamity of being the dentist's office for nearly four hours! Hope you recover well, my friend.

  5. Thanks Nikki! When something like this stops me in my tracks, I really try and see if the universe is trying to tell me something!! Gives me time to think and to see if I'm on the right track. I'm feeling much better today (Wed.) but have booked tomorrow off too. I'll return to work on Friday (month end work to be done). Thanks for the sympathy and kind thoughts :) Much appreciated.

  6. Glo, how are you feeling today? I am so sorry for not hearing of your plight sooner. I have spent many an hour in the dentist's chair, and that is enough to endure, let alone your back giving in because of it. x

  7. Thanks for dropping by Louise...Much better today, thanks. Four days at home resting has helped tremendously, thank goodness.