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Thursday, October 30, 2008

On Wednesday!

On Wednesday, the wind began to blow
so out I went to check the apple tree.
I took a bag in case. I didn’t know
if there’d be apples left, but lucky me
picked just enough to fill a big glass bowl.
I also saw a sweet pea and a rose!
The little oak tree’s leaves have reached their goal
of turning burnished copper ~ how it glows!
I know its leaves will fall just like the rest
although they won’t have far to drop, it’s true!
No wonder people love this season best
as nature harvests seeds to start anew.

I’m glad my back is starting to improve!
Today it didn’t hurt as much to move.


  1. Another lovely autumn post,full of mellow and warming colours.
    I do like that video!
    It's good to know that your back is getting better. Take care! xx

  2. Thanks Flighty! Glad you could see the video. It's weird being home all day, but I like it :) I'm heading back to work tomorrow (Fri.) and then have the weekend off...My back feels even better today. Tomorrow is Halloween, so I'll be carving a pumpkin today...

  3. Hi Glo,
    thank you for leaving me a comment today... i am so pleased you did as i have now found your blog too. love your video .. love autumns colours. Sorry to hear that your back has been bad but good to hear you are feeling much better.
    warm wishes
    Ginny x

  4. Thanks for coming by and for your good wishes! Congratulations once again on your book publication :) I'll be back to visit ~ and I've added you to my blog role...