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Monday, October 13, 2008

Winged Friend

The mountain has been dusted with the first snow, captured here with a light pink tinge from the morning sun. Check the header :)

Here is a slideshow of an interesting development when a few of us met after work on Friday. As we were sitting outside, I noticed a little creature on the rail. I took a few photos, and my friend gently approached it with her pinkie finger...

Isn't he such a little cutie?


  1. Yes, and he's all trendy and red!

  2. An excellent series of shots, thanks for sharing.

    This appears to be something they'll do this time of year, I assume it's the warmth of one's hand they're after. I remember the first time I got one to climb onto my hand but unfortunately then I couldn't take a photo! Wonderful.

  3. Liv ~ sporting a fall fashion statement, then ;)

    Nic ~ Thanks so much for taking a look and commenting :) There were a few of these dragonflies around seemingly sunning themselves on the rail, so your assumption that they are looking for warmth seems to be right on! I had no idea they would climb onto fingers and hands!

  4. He is a cutie, I think he is quite friendly too!
    The header is beautiful Glo, quite calming. I might have to back. For some reason everyone has forgotten to get frantic today... The calm before the storm I just know it!
    Brilliant pics though!

  5. I love the header photo, but where's the blog title!
    That's a great series of photos! I like the ones on the grey wood where you can see it's shadow. It's amazing that they will settle on a hand like that! xx

  6. Hey, you can never go wrong with a splash of red ;)

    I like that you keep post photos on the header because they're larger and more detailed than they ever could be in posts.

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  8. Hi Daffy :) I really thought the dragonfly was adorable. Usually they flit around so fast it's hard to get a decent pic, and then, lo and behold, a finger hopper! Hope the calm continues ~ the first snow covering seems to have disappeared, but I bet it will be back when it next rains, as it is mighty chilly at night!

    Flighty ~ I'm experimenting with various parts of this blog page to see what the results look like. Do I need a title? ;) Yes, the dragonfly and its shadow are interesting shots, but my favorite is the one where he's perched on the finger and looks like he has something to say :)

    Liv ~ A splash of red does add flair, doesn't it? I agree re the pic ~ the header shows them off very effectively :) Thanks.

  9. No you don't! It's your blog to do with what you will!
    I just find slightly odd to see a blog with no title. xx

  10. Hey Glo! Love your shots of the dragonfly. I just heard something interesting today about this creature on Family Radio. They said, "The dragonfly can beat its four wings in unison or separately depending on the maneuver it wants to make. Dragonflies can fly at speeds up to 25 miles an hour and even faster. They can hover, take off backward and even make an unbanked turn.

    ...Its two eyes have a total of 60,000 lenses and are situated so that its range of vision is nearly 360°. Dragonflies not only appear in the fossil record fully formed, but in much greater variety than today. One fossilized dragonfly was the size of a crow! Even the United States Air Force has studied the dragonfly to learn how it flies."

    I thought that was amazing!

  11. Hi Liv ~ Thanks for that fantastic information! Interesting about the wing maneuverability. Imagine one the size of a crow! Quite amazing. Thanks again for sharing that information about these fascinating creatures :)