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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

All play, no work...

This day was dull and cold and grey
and non-productive in its way.
I didn’t walk or swim all day;
instead I chose to sit and play.
I played with Helleborus first,
to texturize its petal burst.

I poured a drink to quench its thirst
before I had its words dispersed
inside a Wordle which consists
of words created with a twist.


I entered in another list
and here it is; can you assist?
What are these words that don’t make sense?
Could they be ciphers for defence?


I must alleviate suspense!
They filter spam, so no offense.
Each character, I type just so
when leaving comments apropos;
A secret password,’ friend or foe’ ~
and now the play day’s done. Signed Glo.


  1. There's been far too many days like that here recently! Flighty xx

  2. You have such a fun way about how you do things. Your photos are wonderful.. love the slideshow. And thank you SO much for such kind words, Glo. You made my day. :)