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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Making molehills out of mountains

...or something like that!

First the cabbage on the knee explanation: I was looking for a natural cooling poultice and found info on cabbage.

Although a cabbage poultice helped, this morning my knee was no better, so since I wasn't interested in taking the antibiotic with so many warnings prescribed yesterday, I opted to go and check myself into ER (Emergency) up the road a piece (not at my regional hospital which is renowned for a 6 hour wait). I had a 2 1/2 hour wait, during which time I read my e-reader. The doctor, who had a much more helpful demeanor than the one yesterday, told me his diagnosis which was infected Prepatellar Bursitis, (or Housemaid's Knee!) and that I would need antibiotics. I asked him about the drug previously prescribed and he mentioned that it was hard on the stomach, and prescribed another one. He thought once I started taking it, I should feel better by the weekend. I have a follow up appointment with my own doctor next Tuesday.

I found a photo of my younger-day's knee, but I didn't feel up to scanning it, so just took a photo which is of pretty bad quality. The photo was in colour, although faded, so this is the best I could do at this time.


On the way home, the mountain peaks looked snowy cool, while my leg was red hot! I am hoping the antibiotics will shrink my swollen mountain of a knee into smaller dimpled molehills. (That doesn't sound too pleasant either, actually ;)

PS I have crossed crawling in the crawl space off my list of things I will do. Gardeners beware, too, that constant kneeling can aggravate the bursa just below your kneecap! That goes for men and women!


Thanks for your concern :)


  1. Thanks Glo - you take care now. Strangely enough it loos as though we may be gardening today - will take care. Dxx

  2. I've heard of a bread poultice but the cabbage one is new to me.
    Hope the new medication does the trick.

  3. Good for you for finding an alternate medication that will hopefully do the job. My mom is very sensitive to meds and always asks for minimum or even child doses. It's great when she gets doctors that actually listen!

  4. Thanks Denise ~ Good luck with the gardening and thanks for the kind words.

    Hi John - It's quite amazing various concoctions that can be applied to remedy situations! I hope the meds help too!

    Hi Nikki - Well, here's hoping it works. It will take awhile and has left me unable to do much walking at the moment. I understand your mom's rationale and approach to meds, for sure.

  5. No more doing knees ups for a while then! Seriously though I hope that you soon recover.
    Take care! Flighty xx