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Friday, March 4, 2011

In pursuit...

Making days count 63

What the heck kind of weather was that? Wind, rain, snow....and only a glimmer of sun behind clouds. Cold, wet and miserable outside...cozy inside :)

I noticed flocks of seagulls flying overhead. I thought they must have been blown away from the beach with the gusts... and then I spotted an eagle or some other bird of prey in pursuit.

In the first photo, the pursuer is in the bottom right corner.

In the next shot, the same bird can be seen amid the branches, lower right. Can you spot it?

And those basically were my photos of the day ~ I stayed home and had a productive day catching up with housework! ;)


  1. Your photos are stning ...thsat ear little wren what a treat.

    Your comment at mine today made me giggle - very funny x

  2. oops should be - stunning ...that dear...

  3. Mmm I don't like days like that, and as for housework...! Flighty