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Friday, March 25, 2011

An apology to Seagulls everywhere!

Sending hearts and flowers to all Seagulls, and any other living thing with knees. :)




PS the background of the last photo is a the pinkish red hue of my poor below-knee area.


  1. I don't really think of birds having knees when their legs are so stick like!
    I hope that your's is improving!
    Flighty xx

  2. I never quite look at them as knees.. but now that you mention it. Leave it to you to notice. And it's a good thing your knee is the colour of the last background and not the one above it.

  3. So sorry to have been absent for a while Glo :( I hope you will forgive my not commenting on the posts I missed but I have read and enjoyed all of them including the chocolate fudge cake ;)

    So sorry too that you are suffering with a knee problem, that will teach you to tease the gulls ;) I know that cabbage leaves are recommended by some midwives to relieve mastitis. They can also be used to treat wounds, I have read that they can be even more effective when heated such as with an iron... just don't let anyone see you ironing cabbage leaves!!! :)

    I enjoyed all your birdy and Nature photos and the one of the Hellebore is exquisite!

    I also enjoyed your encounter with the goose on the road, so amusingly written :)

    You did make me laugh when you said that you immediately acquire the symptoms of the described side effects when reading your medication leaflet. Those things are horror stories these days, it is a wonder anyone dares to take the medication!

    Do take care of that knee Glo, I hope it gets better very soon.

  4. Hi Flighty ~ One doesn't think of birds having knees, but apparently they do! I'm half way through my antibiotics but it's still not back to normal. Here's hoping!

    Hi Hilary ~ When I noticed the knobbly bits on the seagull's legs, I did a bit of research, and found out that they indeed were knees.

    Actually ~ I did lower the opacity of the pink of my knees on the background ;)

    Hi ShySongbird ~ I'm always happy to read your comments whenever you come by :)

    One must never underestimate birds, I guess ;) Interesting about ironing cabbage ~ I have warmed it and poked it with a fork and also rolled it with a rolling pin, but never thought about ironing it ~ just as well, perhaps ;)

    Thanks so much for commenting on my photos, and other posts ~ most appreciated :)

  5. Bird knees do look rather funny, but they don't usually crawl around and get them hurt! Hope yours heals very soon, Glo.

  6. Hi Nikki ~ :) Yes, birds knees are unusual ~ and you're right about the crawling business. I'm not going to be doing that anymore (well, I couldn't if I tried right now), but I've learned my lesson! Thanks for coming by and wishing me well :)