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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Peanuts in the Park

Clocks 'spring' ahead one hour.

Our family had a yummy lunch and visit with the birthday boy (youngest son), followed by cup cakes at his home, and a walk in the park.

It was late afternoon in the park, so not much light. We enjoyed watching the various ducks, some that were placidly pacing in pairs, and others, such as the wigeons that were bickering.



Ducks and seagulls enjoyed the sunflower seeds, but a squirrel came for the peanuts that I remembered to buy and take!


Daffodils were just starting to open, and a few trees were blossoming.


A couple of days ago I was reading Adrian's blog where he posted one of his completed Cryptic Crossword Puzzles. I used to try these, enjoying the challenge of figuring out the tricky clues, but haven't done one for ages. Looking at the clues and answers in his puzzle rekindled my interest, so I downloaded a puzzle and stayed up way too late last night...I figured out a few answers which, of course, spurred me on until I just had to stop and go to bed!

So far:


To refresh my memory, I found this page that explains many of the strategies involved.

I'm finding it difficult to do lighthearted blogging with the devastation in Japan. Everything else seems so trivial. I will try and keep up with some daily photos and commentary to make each day count.


  1. Glo another life ruined....keep plugging away at the crosswords.
    The earth does seem to be going through a particularly destructive phase.

  2. Some dreadful things have been happening this year ... it's like the Earth is in turmoil. I like crosswords too, but I can't do cryptic clues!

  3. I used to have a passion for cryptic crosswords too, it is very easy to become 'hooked' on them!

    Lovely photos of the ducks and Squirrel and that blossom must have been a picture!

    So glad you had some nice family time, family and friends feel even more precious at a time when we are so sadly reminded of how very fragile life is...

  4. The clocks here don't change for another two weeks!
    It's good to see that you enjoyed your son's birthday celebrations.
    I've never been one for crossword puzzles, but mum loved doing them especially the cyptic ones!
    Flighty xx

  5. Darn. You had me staring at that puzzle for ages, but I did manage a few. Years ago I was part of a small group who got together in the 'local' for a few ales and to tackle the Telegraph crossword.

  6. Adrian, yes, the cryptic crossword is n interesting challenge.
    The devastation is inconceivable really.

    Kathy ~ Some terrible catastrophic events for sure.
    The cryptic crosswords are tricky!

    ShySongbird ~ Yes, 'hooked' is right ~ once started, the puzzle keeps teasing my mind!
    Thanks for the comment re photos ~ I was bound and determined to feed a squirrel some peanuts this time at the park!
    We make a point of getting together at birthday times (as well as Christmas and Thanksgiving) ~ fortunately each of my three sons are within driving distance!

    Flighty ~ Well, I guess we've sprung a couple of weeks ahead of you ;) We had a good time together and birthdays are the perfect chance to celebrate each other.
    I used to do crosswords all the time, and some cryptics, but haven't for a long time...

    John, LOL, I know just how you feel about staring at the puzzle! Glad you figured out some answers...sounds like fun sharing the puzzle with friends at the pub!

  7. Your spring has certainly sprung! The trees in blossom look wonderful and it sounds like you had a lovely family day.
    I'm a big fan of cryptic crosswords :) Mo

  8. Hi Mo ~ Yes, the temperatures have risen and with changing the clocks ahead it is nice to have lighter evenings. We have had a few days of rain, so I'm looking forward to Thurs. when a sunny day is forecast. My daffodils are still in bud form, but don't want to rush spring by...
    Great that you are a cryptic crossword fan :)