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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Apple peel bunny and other things

Making days count 67

The rain that had been forecast decided to do a 'no show(er)'. Yay! It was quite a pleasant day, so for the first time this year I ventured out on my walk without my winter jacket, gloves, etc, and wore an outer sweater instead. When I was in the direct sun, it really felt like spring, however a chill wind every so often as I neared the beach reminded me that winter is still about.


Harzel had a glow in the sunshine today, as if he knew he's nearly there, in the leafing department. Pretty exciting stuff!


The Buddleia bush on a nearby fence is coming along well and I had a very close look at the leaves.


There are so many gulls in the air these days, in our neighbourhood and flying over Harzel and the beach. I took two close up shots of gulls and have superimposed them on this photo of Harzel. I have added a soft edged frame around the gulls which helps blend them in with the sky.


After my walk I headed to the hardware store for some items as I have some sorting and spring cleaning planned!

On Saturday, I'll be in Victoria again, this time to celebrate my youngest son's birthday.  I have bought a bag of peanuts for the occasion...not for my son but for the squirrels in the park!


  1. The apple peel bunny made me laugh :)

    Nice to know Harzel is feeling pleased with himself and I enjoyed seeing him with the (creative) gulls.

    Hmm! I wonder if I could have it right with the Buddleia leaves ;)

    I am intrigued by what looks like a painted stone in your garden, it looks very pretty.

    Your Crocus on earlier posts are so colourful!

    Do the Ruby-crowned Kinglets really have eyes that size or have you been tinkering :)

    Have a lovely time with your son and Happy Birthday to him!

  2. Hi ShySongbird ~ Glad to have brought a laugh :) Yes, I'm quite excited now that Harzel's leaflets or whatever they are, are nearly open.

    The Buddleia leaves look right to me and I think we're both in for gold stars ;)

    The stone in my garden was made for me by a friend's young daughter quite a few years ago. It is cement with embedded coloured glass designed to be a scene of the sun and beach because she knew I liked to walk there. There is a seagull and some red glass for the bench. I'll take a closer photo of it.

    The Ruby-crowned Kinglets do indeed seem to have big eyes, but it is because of the large white ring around the eyes. No tinkering was done to the photo :)

    The crocuses are pretty~ even not too battered from the blustery and rainy night we had.

    Thanks for the good wishes for my son :)

  3. It's the same here with the wind keeping it just a bit chilly! Tree buds are getting very noticable now aren't they.
    Your last sentence made me laugh! Enjoy the weekend! Flighty xx

  4. Your photos are marvelous as always and that apple peel bunny is adorable.. acute eye. The rain we were supposed to get is lying all over the ground.. in white.. sigh!

  5. Hi Flighty ~ Yes, that chilly wind, especially near the sea, is a reminder that spring still needs to wear a jacket! It is wonderful to see the leaves unfolding. Glad I brought a smile :)

    Hi Hilary ~ Thanks for your kind comment :) Sometimes images just pop up out of nowhere like an apple peel shape ~ fun!

    I can't believe the amount of cold weather and snow you are having to cope with back east! The national news and weather reports last night warned of severe storms heading your way! Take care!