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Saturday, March 5, 2011

More like it!

Making days count 64

Chirping birds were as happy as I was to see the sun this morning! Little wren was playing in the leaves on the lawn..


It really felt and smelled like a Spring morning as I headed out for my walk. As I passed down the lane towards Harzel, I heard beautiful bird song. I was excited to notice a bird that I had never seen before with orange/red colouring. As I watched the pair, the colourful one flew into a nearby tree, giving me a clearer view.  Later I checked my bird books and discovered it was a House Finch ~ click on the excerpt below for link.
House finches were originally resident in Mexico and the south-western United States. They were introduced into North America in the 1940s in Long Island, New York. They quickly spread across the United States and into Canada and are now a common sight across North America.


Although the sun was shining, the heat hadn't quite reached Harzel yet, so he was dripping droplets ~ I noticed more growth. As my eye followed to the end of his twiglet, I saw a jet flying high above.


Seagulls and eagles flew overhead as well.


The morning light reflecting on the sea lent a lustrous sheen.


On my way back up the lane, I heard a Song Sparrow's sweet melody.


There were other creatures absorbing the rays along the way.


Once home, I got busy making a chocolate pie; I topped the pie with meringue as there were left over egg whites from the filling. I began preparing supper for two sons who would be here for dinner, the menu being salmon fillets baked in Filo pastry, rice, asparagus and almonds, carrots and coleslaw. I have also prepared breakfast for the morning - caramel apple french toast, which melds together overnight in the fridge and will be baked in the oven in the morning.


The dinner was delicious, which was evident by the clean plates!

It was a busy but most enjoyable day. :)

edit: I have added a few seconds of bird song ~ please excuse wobbly image, I had been walking for awhile and my adrenalin must have been pumping!


  1. There is something so special about the first day you really sense something in the air that 'says' Spring. It has been cold and dull here but I have felt it too!

    I have seen your pretty little House Finch on some of my American blogland friend's blogs. It is very similar to our Linnet and Redpoll neither of which (I am ashamed to admit) I have ever seen.

    Lovely photos of your wonderful scenery again Glo, I don't think I had realised that Harzel has that lovely view to look at every day!

    As usual the food looked and sounded scrumptious :)

    I loved the snippet of birdsong at the end :) and assumed it was the little House Finch but checked it out on a site called 'birdjam' and it didn't sound the same but neither did the Song Sparrow's song. However I am hopeless at identifying birds by song and call, I really need to try and get to grips with it!

  2. What a wonderful day which I have to say that I'm just a tiny bit envious of!
    And as for the dinner and chocolate pie well...!
    Flighty xx

  3. Hi ShySongbird ~ Glad to know that you have felt the beginning of spring as well ~ now if it would settle in!

    Interesting about the House Finch and its similarity to a Linnet and Redpoll. I was delighted to see the bird!

    Yes, Harzel has a great view and is one of the reasons I chose it, so that I would head to the beach, or at least the path to the beach, more often!

    Thanks for food comment :) The pie was quite light tasting, even though it was chocolate.

    As for the birdsong, I did the same thing. Tried each of the links to see if I could recognize the bird that was singing it, with the same results as you. I assumed it was one or the other, but perhaps I have the identification wrong. I will see if I can discover the song source :)

  4. Hi Flighty ~ it was a great day, indeed, and I wonder if you enjoy chocolate pie? Chocolate anything is a hit with the boys!

  5. What a difference the sunshine makes. We had a lovely day yesterday but boy was it cold later on!