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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Varied Thrush

Instead of all the usual small birds, one large Varied Thrush was front and centre today. Other info can be found on this site.


I was able to take quite a few photos and a video through the front window which I have put together.

This time last year, my Cherry Tree had started to blossom, but it has been too cool so far.


  1. Oh what a pretty bird. That first photo you have makes it look like it is smiling, happy with the meal you've provided.

  2. It sure is a lovely coloured bird!
    Here, all too typically, now the blossom is on the trees it has been really windy!
    Flighty xx

  3. Hi Nikki ~ It does look like it's smiling :) Thanks for that lovely thought ~

    Hi Flighty ~ Yes, the birds markings and colouring is quite striking, and the size of it is so noticeable after seeing such small birds at the feeders. The blowing blossom always reminds of confetti ~ but I'd rather it stay on the trees as long as possible!

  4. I have visions of your Cherry Tree sat there saying "I'm too cool to blossom" But then, I've been talking to trees recently ;)

    That thrush is amazing.