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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow alert!

Making Days Count 11

Snowfall warning in effect!
A low pressure system will move west of Vancouver Island this evening and track inland Wednesday. Light snow has begun ahead of the low over Vancouver Island and is expected to intensify later tonight as it spreads to the mainland. Snowfall accumulations will range from 10 to 20 cm for most of the south coast.

The current temperature is -0.3C.

It was a gray day, not quite as cold as yesterday, and not as slippery for my walk either.

The snowparrot is still holding up.

On my walk I came across a couple of interesting sights:


Harzel and surroundings looked rather bleak today, except for the many little Dark-eyed Juncos flitting around. One landed on the tip of a stick in the thin part of the thicket, or 'thinnet'.


A fairly relaxing day. Hopefully I won't be snowed in by the morning ;)


  1. Fingers crossed that you haven't been snowed in!
    It's dull and wet here today so I'm having a relaxing day catching up with the blogs. Flighty xx

  2. Thank you for the suggestions about the lines. I did create some lines to go into the envelope so I think that I am ready now if the envelopes will just get here!

  3. Hi Flighty ~ glad to hear your computer/internet problems have been solved quickly. Bright and sunny here, without too much snow.

    Thanks Crafty Green Poet ~ it's great to see you dropping by.

    Hi Martha ~ Thanks for letting me know ~ you do such beautiful work!