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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Harzel Reflects

Making Days Count 6

It was another sparkly day, rain sparkles that is. The female Varied Thrush was back, still seeming to prefer to dash back and forth, unsteadily flapping around the suet feeder rather than eating from the sturdier woodpecker block.  Here she is, eying it up again.


The Kinglet, of course, has no trouble with the smaller suet feeder,

but now seems to have acquired bigger aspirations.


According to my pedometer, the tally of my footsteps on the walk to and from Harzel today was 4937! That's interesting (to me anyway ;)) It is 7:34 p.m. and so far I have walked 6820 steps today in total, which shows that the visit to Harzel was a very significant part of my exercise.

Speaking of Harzel, he was literally sparkling with jewels today,

as was the neighbouring thicket.

When I downloaded my photos, I was delighted to find that Harzel was also in a very reflective mood.


Can you see himself reflected in the raindrop :)

Tomorrow afternoon I'm invited to a grandbaby shower, so I need to get busy making a card. I am looking forward to the Friday gathering to catch up on holiday news and having the opportunity to wish everyone the best for a Happy New Year.

PS ~ I may not mention that I'm meeting Harzel each day.  They might think I've gone a little bit odd!  LOL

Current weather:
Date: 2011/01/06, 19:29
Temperature: 3.8 C
L: 3.4 C, H: 5.4 C
Humidity: 95 %
Pressure: 1016 hPa
Insolation: 0 W/m2
UV Index: 0
Rain: 12.9 mm
Wind Speed: 1 km/hr SW


  1. Good morning (here anyway) Glo.

    The phrase 'grandbaby shower' has me bemused.

    a show of grand babies?
    a group of grand babies under a shower?
    a gathering of grandmas and their grandbabies?


  2. Hi, I have passed this way before (thanks to Flighty) and it was remiss of me not to leave a comment.
    I am enjoying following Harzel.
    Thanks for the link.

  3. Sparkly rainy days are somewhat magical aren't they!
    I hope that you enjoy your baby shower and gathering. Flighty xx

  4. Hi there John ~ Your comment had me smiling this morning, picturing the various possibilities of a grandbaby shower. It is all explained in today's blog posting ;)

    Hi Mo ~ How thoughtful of you to leave a comment and let me know you found me through Flighty, and are enjoying Harzel as well. I'll be back to visit you, too.

    Hi Flighty ~ Magical indeed...all in the eye of the beholder :) It was a great gathering, thanks. I hadn't seen any of my old friends since well before Christmas. It was good to catch up, amidst all the pink poofery!