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Sunday, January 23, 2011

How small can they get?

Making Days Count 23

The first thing I thought of today when I looked out at the bird feeder was, "Are the birds getting smaller each day?" There was one lone tiny bird on a branch perched for a long time as if waiting for the rest to appear. I was able to take a couple of shots through the front window. In the photo on the right, I have shown its size in relation to the bird feeder. Each one of those wire square measures one inch. There was not too much activity around the feeders today when I looked out...just as there wasn't much activity going on inside either!


I found the information about the Golden-crowned Kinglet here. These birds are similar to my favorite little Ruby-crowned Kinglet, but apparently are more hardy.

I spent a good portion of the day sorting through paperwork and shredding lots of it in readiness for recycling day tomorrow. It was another grey day, so perfect for such a project.


  1. What a sweet tiny bird. Makes you wonder how such tiny creatures ever survive through the winter.

  2. What lovely little birds!
    Our smallest resident bird is the Goldcrest, at just over 3 inches long, which I've never seen.
    It's cold and grey here today so I think that I'll be sorting out paperwork later on. Flighty xx

  3. A lovely little bird Glo and very similar to our Goldcrest and Firecrest.

    On the last post your Bushtits look very like our Long Tailed Tits and build similar nests.

    Thank you for the explanation of Harzel, all has become clear now :)

  4. That's for sure, John...I was worried about the little Ruby-crowned Kinglet when it we had the last snow storm and the temperatures were so low, but I was delighted to see it hopping along as if it hadn't a care in the world! We should all look so carefree :)

    Hi Flighty ~ They are sweet, aren't they, and so very cute. Nice to know you have a similar looking bird and I hope you get to see one! Paperwork seems to be a constant!

    Hi ShySongBird ~ Glad you are in the know re Harzel, so you won't think I'm balmy! Interesting about the Goldcrest and Firecrest...their names suit! I'll check them out online. Also fascinating about the resemblance of Bushtits to your Longtailed version.