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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Merganzers do Ragtime!

Making Days Count 8

I decided to check out the Trumpeter Swans today since ‘sunny periods’ were forecast. Unfortunately, the sun stayed behind clouds most of my visit. The tide was far out, which enabled me to walk out to the water’s edge beyond the posts.


There were numerous birds, including the swans. I found the Mergansers quite fascinating to watch, and put a video to music because of the wind interference.

And another of a warning cry that shot many birds into flight. I looked up and saw a possible reason!

I drove farther north to make a shop stop, and then headed home, admiring the beautiful scenery and sky.


I returned home at 5:00 p.m. and realized that there was time enough to visit Harzel before dark. The days are getting noticeably longer! The roads had become slightly slippery as the temperature dropped, which prompted me to walk along the grass.


Here is Harzel* at 5:20 p.m. viewing the after-sunset glow on the horizon.


*Olivia was wondering why the tree was called Harzel - it's a combination between two of its known names...'Harry Lauder Walking Stick' and 'Hazel Corkscrew'.  Harry + Hazel = Harzel

'Counts' of the day:

Blog Posts: 302
Pedometer reading: 10,104 steps
Current Temperature: 2.2 C (L: -2.5 C, H: 5.1 C)
Rain: 0 mm
Wind Speed: 8 km/hr W


  1. The Mergansers could win a medal at the Olympics for their syncronised moves! x

  2. For some reason you blog posts seem to have stopped updating in my list of favourite blogs. I wonder if anyone else has seen this problem.

  3. LOL Louise ~ that is so true about their synchronized swimming...I never thought of that!

    Hi John ~ I wonder why my blog posts aren't updating? Hope the problem solves itself!

    Hi Mrs. Nesbitt ~ It indeed was a lovely day - my outlook is to make each day count, so it was another good one!

  4. Another lovely post! I asked about swans hereabouts but no one seems to know so I think that I'm going to have to investigate further. Flighty xx