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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Apple Pie and Ice Cream!

Making Days Count 12

Well I didn't start the day with apple pie and ice cream, but I did finish with it!

Current Temperature: 2.8 C
L: -0.4 C, H: 10.2 C

It was a windy snowy night, with twigs and branches strewn here and there. Luckily this area did not get the accumulation of snow that was forecast. Overnight we received about three to four inches.

There were clusters of small birds at the feeders this morning and one yellow warbler with an interesting countenance.

Although the snow started to melt during the day, the driveway remained covered, so after I came home from my walk, I started digging. There was no need of a jacket as the temperature reached a balmy 10C! The snow was wet and heavy, but I thought of it as good exercise. Here is a before photo of the snow covered driveway.


It seems that the snow parrot disappeared during the day, although he was still visible this morning.

For my walk, the roads were clear, and except for some gloopy corners, it was easy going. The lane was had a few inches of snow so there was a bit of trudging involved!

Harzel was in better spirits, with his view being much brighter.

Today a bald eagle flew into the picture which always adds a special touch.

Here’s a closer view of the eagle:

Foliage against the snow:


After the rather strenuous workout today, I decided to cook a roast beef dinner ... and had apple pie and ice cream for dessert.  ;)


  1. That high cloud formation looks good.
    After a busy day like that I think that a roast dinner and yummy desert was well deserved. Mind you I prefer custard with apple pie at this time of year! Flighty xx

  2. lovely photos of the birds at your feeder! It's a shame that the snow parrot has already melted, it was inevitable of course though!

  3. Hi Flighty, I agree that the cloud formation was quite picturesque...even though I visit the same place, the sky, ocean and surroundings are always different. Custard is doable too...good idea ;)

    Hi Crafty Green Poet, I was surprised to see so many on the feeder at once and even though I took the photo through the front window, it turned out not too badly. Poor old snow parrot ~ but he lasted longer than I thought he would. It was freezing here for a few days which is unusual. There's still enough snow to make another, but after digging yesterday, I didn't have the inclination ;)