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Thursday, January 27, 2011

For the birds...

Making Days Count 27

It was another digging through paper day, as I sorted and recycled so much that I don't need anymore. I did stop and watch the birds for awhile as they frequented the suet feeders. All of the photos were taken out of the front window. Luckily, Mr. Sneaky, the cat that used to live next door and liked to hide in or behind the birdbath... has moved!





My youngest son must have smelled the cookies, because he phoned last night to say he'd be coming tonight to stay over!


  1. Such a lovely variety of birds Glo! They must have cheered up a rather tedious paper sorting day :)

    How I wish the neighbour's cat which torments the birds in my garden would move house!

    I knew you were a lady of leisure, Glo (I remember that your former colleagues benefit occasionally from your scrumptious cooking :)) but I still marvel that you fit regular blog posting in with all your other activities!

    Have a good time with your son and I hope he leaves you a cookie or two :)

  2. Mr Sneaky's move explains why you're seeing all these lovely birds in your garden nowadays.
    Enjoy the weekend! Flighty xx

  3. Hi ShySongBird ~ Yes, birds do cheer up the day, and they certainly spend more time here now that the neighbours and their cat have moved :)

    I'm attempting to make each day count, so thought that keeping track of them might make me more aware of how much each day does count :)

    Yay, two cookies were left. I couldn't believe it...perhaps he'll be back for them ;)

    Yes, you're right, Flighty ~ Mr. Sneaky's departure has helped a lot!l Hope your weekend is good as well as you count the birds in your neighbourhood!