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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just Under the Wire

Making Days Count 15

A short blog post just before midnight!  My son's actual birthday was today, and his brothers and their girlfriends decided to come up for the afternoon, dinner and to stay overnight.  Therefore, I have had a busy day!

I didn't even get out for my walk, but I'm sure I've had enough exercise to make up for it.  We had a lovely dinner last night, and I made a big chocolate cake for after dinner tonight.


  1. Family times are the best don't you think?

  2. You just wanted to tease us by mentioning that big chocolate cake! Flighty xx

  3. Yes, indeed they are, Mrs. Nesbitt! It makes quite a difference these days with a full house. These year, all their birthdays ended up on weekends!

    Hi Flighty ~ I saved you a piece of cake if you can find it ;)

    Hi UHDD ~ Lots of energy around here with three grown sons and girlfriends! It was fun, and thanks :)