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Friday, January 7, 2011

Moon Walk

Making Days Count 7

I got a kick out of John’s (Midmarsh Jottings) comment yesterday re the grandbaby shower I referred to in my post.
The phrase 'grandbaby shower' has me bemused.
  • a show of grand babies?
  • a group of grand babies under a shower?
  • a gathering of grandmas and their grandbabies?
I wonder... do they dare hold showers in the UK to celebrate the birth of babies, or are ‘showers’ the last thing anyone would call a celebration in a country often renowned for more than its fair share of rain? ;)

It seems to be a growing phenomenon around here that when friends or colleagues become grandparents for the first time, a celebration is held where they are showered with baby or grandparent-type gifts. This is especially true if the parents of the new baby live out of town. In this case, one of the teachers I worked with has recently become a new grandmother, with her daughter giving birth to a baby girl! The shower was held this afternoon at a local resort where we ordered appetizers and beverages, and then gifts were opened amongst many oohs and aahs.  BTW, Grandad was also in attendance, but not so much with the oohing and the aahing.

This morning I completed the baby card I was making and decided to go into town to buy a CD to go with it, and while I was out and about, I also took the opportunity to stop for an oil change in my car. Very practical, eh what!

This is just the front of the outside of the card, with CD tucked inside. I missed taking a photo of the inside that has a folded up flower attached which opens up to reveal petals containing special wishes.

All of this busy-ness and afternoon partying took most of the day, and I didn’t return home until after 7 p.m.  In order to get my walk in, I located a reflective vest to put over my winter jacket so I would be visible and off I went. Yesterday, Harzel reflected, and tonight it was my turn ;)

What a gorgeous night! The moon was smiling, the stars were twinkling, and the air smelled sweet! In retrospect, it might have been a good idea to take a flash light. Although the street lamps were lit, Harzel dwells down a dark uneven lane. What a night view he has over the water when the sky is clear. It was amazingly beautiful. I just stood there silently beside him gazing up at the sky in awe.  A myriad of stars made this day count even more!

It was time to take a photo...I needed to activate the camera’s flash as it was pitch dark. With nary a blink, Harzel took it all in good stride. As I was walking back up the lane, though, I noticed a silhouette of a fellow peering out of his window looking in my direction. He must have wondered who the devil was taking flash photos of nothing that he could see, in the dark! I chuckled and headed back home, thinking that if I did see the occupant of the house in the light of day, I would explain my presence, since I’ll be returning often.

There are two photos from of the smiling moon and one of Harzel...and as magic is, so magic does...ta da, I combined them...

Today's stats:

The temperature is starting to drop...
Date: 2011/01/07, 23:06
Temperature: -0.4 C
L: -0.4 C, H: 9.0 C
Humidity: 90 %
Pressure: 1015 hPa
Insolation: 0 W/m2
UV Index: 0
Rain: 3.6 mm
Wind Speed: 3 km/hr W

My pedometer reading: 8214


  1. Aha. All is revealed. I learn something new nearly every day reading blogs. I wonder how long it will be before the idea catches on here.

    Looking at you pedometer readings you must walk three to four miles every day Glo.

    Lovely magical picture and a beautiful card.

  2. Hi Glo!

    It's nice to see you're still blogging, and what a lovely layout you have.

    I was just on my (dare I say) old blog looking for something, when I decided to check out everyone on my list. Half are on Facebook and have stopped blogging. Some are still able to do both, and then others are striding along still here.

    Why is harzel called harzel?

  3. Hi John ~ There you go, all is explained :)

    Walking three or four miles a day is good, eh? Today I passed the 10,000 step mark, actual reading 10,104 so I think that's 5 miles and a goal of many folks.

    Glad you like the picture and card :)

    Olivia! How great to see you and a Happy New Year to you. I don't use facebook at all ... so it's the blog or nothing ;) Glad you like it, though.

    The story of Harzel begins with Flighty's introduction to the 'tree project'. I chose a Harry Lauder Walking Stick tree, and Flighty let me know it was also known as a Corkscrew Hazel. Harry meets Hazel and poof... Harzel ;)

    Hope you and Jeff and enjoying yourselves :)

  4. Not sure I get the grandbaby shower thing. Like a wedding list, where will it ever end! Anyway, I like the card you made, and I am sure the personal touch was very much appreciated by the grandparents. I happened to glance up at that very same moon last night. I like the creation you have done with the hazel. x

  5. Hi Louise ~ I think the shower for the grandbaby was just an excuse for a gathering ;) Not being a grandmother, I don't know how it feels to be one, but from what I've seen, new grandparents are just thrilled and overjoyed, so it's fun to celebrate with them :)

    The inside of the card was cute, picture though...they said I should go into business...;)

    I'm glad we shared the moon and you liked the photo.

  6. I think that I'm also rather bemused by all this!
    They're terrific nightshots of Harzel and the moon, especially combined like that. Flighty xx