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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Wetlands

Today the drizzle returned, as forecast. I put a turkey in the oven about noon and in between showers decided to head out to a wetland area to see if there was any wildlife.


Who should greet me, but none other than a Yellow-rumped Warbler. I'm beginning to see these birds in my sleep! It is obvious by looking at these photos how he acquired his name.

There were many little birds buzzing across the surface catching insects, but they were too busy to stay put long enough for a photo.


Far across I could see and hear Canada Geese, possibly nesting.


It was great to come home to the smell of turkey cooking, and the delicious meal was enjoyed immensely :)


  1. A smashing little bird, thanks.

  2. I looked at this and immediately thought 'the call of the wild' for some reason! Flighty xx

  3. I hope you are having a very happy Easter Glo :)

    I have just enjoyed catching up with your latest posts. Lovely to see the blossom. I have a mature flowering Cherry which appears to be completely dead, a victim of the very hard Winter I suppose :(

    Lovely to see all your birds too and I particularly liked the two photos of the delightful House Finch with the blossom, really lovely!

    I think that Yellow-rumped Warbler is following you around ;)

    Roat Turkey...tummy rumbling here now :)

  4. I like how the warbler is posing to demonstrate his yellow rump!

  5. Adrian ~ The yellow-rumped warbler is a character! It seems to like the wetlands after returning here from wintering in Mexico.

    Flighty ~ It was a bit of a wild day..and it felt strange being the only human in such a vast area of wet wildness!

    ShySongbird ~ A very pleasant Easter thanks, quiet but that was good.

    Sorry to hear about your cherry tree! I love seeing the buds blossom, but they're definitely taking their time this year. The house finch are in the apricot tree, the first tree to blossom (but only has borne one apricot!)

    I was beginning to feel a bit paranoid when I saw the yellow-rumped warbler at the wetlands. Especially the way it was peering over its shoulder at me ;)

    Turkey was awesome, and great for leftovers too :)

    Thanks for catching up with me :)

    Juliet ~ I was so pleased to see that pose, as it seemed to have so much yellow elsewhere, and I'd never seen that view before!