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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saved by the Quail!

Date: 2011/04/16, 20:30
Temperature: 5.3 C
L: -1.2 C, H: 8.8 C

The day started out wild and woolly, with rain driving at the windows and a bluster billowing the trees. I spent the time sewing an applique on a little t-shirt I decided to embellish for my son's friend's newborn.

Fortunately, the weather cleared up by the afternoon, so I headed to the bank and then delivered the gift. I wondered what I would put in my blog today, as I hadn't taken any photos, until I saw a swamp which I thought looked quite picturesque!


I noticed a silver lining cloud ~


Hmmm, I thought, that's a start! When I returned home, I noticed three Spotted Towhees. One was doing the dried-leaf-hop-jump-scritch-scritch-dance...

A red bloom caught my eye, and I realized that the Camellia buds were opening up, taking Spring into their own hands ~


Still, no photos of new birds visiting...when, suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I heard a sound and spied a covey of California Quail scurrying hell bent for leather, as they do. So the Quail saved the day arriving just in time to make it into today's blog :)


Watch them go...


  1. What a lovely photo of the Camellia Glo! Your covey of Quail made me laugh, they certainly were scurrying along, I watched them twice ;)

    Re. your mention of the Green Woodpeckers, on yesterday's reply to me, they are already published on my current (Thurs April 14th) post :)

  2. Always a problem but good for the soul. It gets hard work does blogging.
    Would love to see the quail but my mobile bandwidth is awful. I've book marked them for Thursday.

  3. Goodness me, the quail can really get a move on. Been sunny all day here. My problem has been the lack of a decent amount of rain this year so I had to get the hose out, must be a first time in April for me.

    Our blackbirds behave just like your Spotted Towhee. There might just be a worm hiding under that there leaf.

  4. I enjoyed the quail video -- so characteristic of them, that quick scurrying across a path. I'd like to report that the dry leaf dance is also performed by mocking birds under my citrus tree.

  5. I like the swamp picture, and laughed at the Towhees!
    I know little about quail so I've been reading up on them on the link and elsewhere.
    Flighty xx