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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Towhees and Eagles

When I first noticed the Spotted Towhee in my front garden, it was very skittish. It spends much of its time in the underbrush scratching in the dried leaves and has left a messy carpet of them at my front doorstep occasionally. Today when I looked out, I was surprised to see him perched on a branch beside the feeder. This is the first time I have seen him there.

Later on he was standing right outside the front door on my little stepping stone. I also noticed another one skittering in the undergrowth, so perhaps there is a family in the future :)


On a nearby island, the Bald Eagles have a nest with two eggs which should hatch around April 27. There is a webcam and an interesting write up here. Fascinating to watch! Remember time difference ~ we are on Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) so the nest is visible when it is light here :)


  1. This is a grand looking looks as if it could shift some rubbish with those feet.

  2. Next thing you know they will be on the kitchen work surface waiting to be fed lol. Great that they are less nervous, gave a great photo opportunity.

    Loved the green owl face in the previous entry - you are very observant.

  3. It's surprising when that happens isn't it.
    I looked at the webcam a couple of times but there's not been much happening with just the one bird on the nest. They are wonderful looking birds but somewhat daunting seen close up! Flighty xx

  4. Adrian, you are right about the Spotted Towhee's feet. It makes a short hop forward, and then scratches back with both feet at once. It can hop fast, too!

    Hi John ~ I wouldn't be surprised! Today it climbed in the rain gutter ~ there's probably all sorts of goodies in there. Two of them here today. Glad you liked the aquilegia owl ;) Perhaps I've been housebound too long!

    Hi Flighty ~ Yes, right now the eagles are just taking turns sitting on the nest, but before the end of the month there should hopefully be some action! They are huge birds, and up close look the part!