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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fondue, Muffins, Ducks and Sheep Knees

Last night we had a fondue, using the fondue pots I had from the 70's. I even used a a tablecloth from the same era. We had a cheese fondue pot going for dipping bread and roasted cauliflower, carrots and asparagus, and an oil pot for pieces of steak. It was a bit of family fun (two sons, one girlfriend, and me).


They stayed overnight and I made some Blueberry Lemon Muffins for breakfast.

My son and his girlfriend were visiting because they had to choose four Khaki Campbell ducks  (three female and one male) from a farm in this area. They have a new duck house and run for them in their backyard and are looking forward to eating duck eggs! They weren't able to take the ducks home today as they had another venture going on, so I offered to run the ducks down to their house sometime next week. Somehow the thought of me transporting ducks sounds like it might be an adventure - hopefully a good one! Meet the ducks:

They are difficult to see in the wire cage, but it's the best photo I could get.

Even a one week old little goat turned away just as I was going to take his photo.  The kid had more important priorities.  Of course once I downloaded the photo, all I could see were Sheep Knees!


  1. Mmmm! That fondue looks amazing. Best fondue I ever had was in a tiny village in France years ago. wonderful!

  2. Fondue! What a blast from the past :)
    And ducks in the family - that's great! I keep asking for some, maybe one day :)
    Have a great trip with them.

  3. Oh yes fondue! lol what a memory! Love the pics xxx

  4. Looks like you had a great evening!
    That fondue looks great!

    Love the photos!

    Happy Monday!

  5. Years since I had one. I'll remedy that now you have jogged my memory.

  6. have fun with the ducks!

    I've not had a fondue for years!

  7. Thannks Kathy ~ Yes, it was a fun fondue:) The kids enjoyed it the change. Having it in a tiny village in France would have added to the fun!!! Nice memory!

    Mo ~ It was groovy;) Yes, it looks like I'm in the duck transportation business. I'll try to get photos of them in their new home. Hope your wish for ducks come true :)

    Hi Denise ~ Yes, those were the days, eh? Doesn't seem that long ago ~ heck, the pots look like new!

    Hi Betty ~ Thanks for coming by ~ the fondue was tasty and a fun time. Glad you liked the photos!

    Hi Adrian ~ Hope you are able to rustle up a fondue ~ it is a fun way to have a meal.

    Hi Juliet ~ it seems that the 70's are making a comeback ~ just as well I have a few remnants left!

  8. I've probably not had fondue since the 70's!
    Those muffins sound rather nice.
    Good luck with the duck delivery!
    How's your knee, getting better I hope! Flighty xx

  9. Oh fun.. my friends and I were just talking about the days when fondues were all the rage. Very nostalgic looking image.