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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Welcome to the Garden Party!

As you may remember, last week I mentioned that Wednesday (today) was the day Spring was going to arrive in her sunny was forecast thus.

The invitation went out ~
Garden Party invite

The master of ceremonies arrived, Sir Wilfred Y.R. Warbler, looking more like he was expecting a formal occasion  ;)

yrw dressed

Guests began arriving ~

flicker collage

bird collage

A Chipping Sparrow travelled all the way from Mexico!

Chipping Sparrow collage

But where was the Spring Sunshine?

Instead all day liquid sunshine.....Spring-kling on our Garden Party!

yrw dressed umb


  1. Oh that looks like a fun party, even if the sun didn't come out! Sir Wilfred YR Warbler makes a fine master of ceremonies!

  2. This post had me chuckling! Shame about the weather. Flighty xx

  3. Brilliant Glo. Thay had me laughing so much I nearly dropped my coffee.

  4. Hi Juliet ~ Sir Wilfred YR Warbler thanks you for your kind comments. I guess it would have been better to call it a Garden Shower rather than a party in retrospect ;)

    Hi Flighty ~ A good chuckle starts the day off well. Luckily the weather has improved ... for a few days anyway...

    Hi John ~ Haha - I love when I get a chuckle or laugh at my 'efforts'...your comment had me laughing.

  5. cool idea! made me smile. Happy spring and Easter to you.