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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fun with Fonts

Making days count 41



  1. Very creative and fun idea. Did you call it Glofont? ;)

  2. I can see you like tinkering as much as Midmarsh John although in a slightly different way. It looks like great fun Glo.

    Looking through the last few posts I am still very taken with your Townsend's Warbler, so pretty.

    Glo I so enjoyed your Wind and Waves video and confess the beauty of the scenery which you conveyed to us so well brought a tear to my eye... How amazing to have all that on your doorstep, perhaps that is what gives you such motivation.Please send me just a little bit of that scenery and that motivation ;)

  3. Fascinating Glo. Well done producing a nice clear font. Cursive is difficult as tails have to start and finish at the same point for all letters to join and then it doesn't look natural.

  4. That sounds fun, Glo, might have a dabble myself :)Mo

  5. Hi Hilary ~ Thanks ~ it was fun :) Not Glofont, but Gprint ~ ;)

    Hi Flighty ~ a fun way to spend a bit of creative time, thanks :)

    ShySongbird ~ Well, I do like to create things, and try to figure out uses for other objects than what they are meant for, if that makes sense.

    So happy to hear you have enjoyed by posts, and that the Townsend's Warbler is a special hit. I will keep taking photos of them.

    I agree that the scenery around here is spectacular, and try never to take it for granted. When the waves are surging like that it is completely exhilarating for me, and I wonder why there aren't more people around breathing it in! I think you would be right there with me :)

    Glad you liked the font, John, It was fun to see how it came together once I had all the letters written. I enjoy doing calligraphy in real life, so I'll continue practicing to see if I can come up with a few different fonts of my own.

    Hi Mo ~ I hope you do have a 'dabble', ;)

  6. Cool idea with the font - I like it!