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Sunday, February 6, 2011


Making Days Count 37

Today it was pouring down, so other than going out for some shopping, and doing odd jobs around home, I spent time dreaming with Harzel on Photoshop ;)



  1. Wonderful! It's just been, and still is, dull and windy here. Flighty xx

  2. Oooh, that is so sweet! You do realise Glo that if Harzel grows (excuse the pun!) any more famous you will be conducting guided tours to visit him ;) He even has his face on a T shirt now, well a virtual one.

    I do love your little Townsend's Warbler, so pretty and that Cranberry and Raisin Bread you showed us looks absolutely scrumptious!

    Thank you for posting the newspaper generator link. I have copied and pasted it just in case...:)

  3. I must experiment with photoshop!

  4. Thanks Flighty :) I hope it brightens up soon for you! It makes all the difference.

    Hi Shysongbird ~ Thanks for your lovely comments :) I guess I could wear the Harzel T-shirt as I conduct the guided tour ;)

    The Townsend's Warbler is indeed an eye-catcher! The bread was good; I think next time I'll add the fruit later on as the dough rises and maybe it won't be so dense.

    I hope you use the Newspaper generator some is fun!

    Hi Mrs. Nesbitt ~ Photoshop is an amazing program...and it can use up many hours of time!! ;)