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Sunday, February 27, 2011

February Scavenger Hunt Photo Collage

Making days count 58

Here are my photos for the February Scavenger Hunt, the photo search that I joined last month at Postcards from the PP.


  1. Beacon Hill Park’s Stone Bridge (1889)*, Victoria, BC
  2. A striped painted building
  3. Musical instrument -My pump organ
  4. Big trucks filling up
  5. Round clock - Town clock at night
  6. My footwear (snowboots)
  7. Bench by my sea walk
  8. Newspaper headlines
  9. Postbox
  10. Eyes of my stuffed piggy
  11.  Heart shaped plate and muffin
  12. Red wall at a restaurant
*William (John) Blair designed the formal landscaping of Beacon Hill Park in 1889. The design included five man made lakes with Goodacre Lake, at 2.43 acres in area, being the largest. The design of the lake included the stone bridge crossing a portion of it. The bridge and lake where constructed in 1889. This is a very popular place for wedding pictures during the spring and early summer when the park is in full bloom.

My January collage can be found here.


  1. A nice selection very well presented Glo. Mine will have to wait until tomorrow.

  2. Your photographs are lovely ... I'm really enjoying seeing all the different postboxes on your side of the pond. Our UK ones are preety much all the same. Thanks for joining in!
    Love Kathy xxx

  3. Another month gone by already!
    What a wonderful collage, with some terrific photos! Flighty xx

  4. Thanks John. Looking forward to seeing your collection :)

    Thanks Kathy ~ it was fun keeping my eyes open for the objects on the list. I look forward to checking the other photos that have been uploaded as well. You're more than welcome, and I'm anticipating the March list :)

    Yes, Flighty! Glad you liked the photos/ Another month over with, and a wintry month at that! Spring is coming, the robins told me. :)

  5. I think the heart & red are my favourites but the cear blue from the bench is stunning.

  6. I so want to sit on that bench ..
    lovely pics.

  7. A great collection of photos. I couldn't choose a favourite as they're all so good! I especially love the unique way you've presented them. Well done! Best Wishes, Kerrie

  8. Thanks Bad Penny, Jeanie and Kerrie for stopping by and leaving such kind comments :) It's fun seeing all the various takes on the list! On to the next one :)

  9. Slowly trying to catch up with a look in at everyone's Scavenger Hunt photos, and at the same time setting up links on my sidebar. You've another great set of photos here Glo, and have been very inventive with some of your shots. I live in walking shoes during the Winter months! x