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Monday, February 21, 2011 back the sun!

Making Days Count 52

Yesterday I spotted a Song Sparrow on the rim of a plate of sunflower seeds I put near the bird bath. I have since removed the dish, as for two mornings in a row, it has been entirely empty. It could be a raccoon or squirrel that’s removing every last one, so I don’t want to encourage either possibility around the bird feeders.
A sweet little Kinglet was fluttering around the feeder this morning.

Tantalizing glimpses of blue sky soon disappeared as I began my walk today, and by the time Harzel came into view, a squall seemed to be in the offing.


Luckily my waterproof winter jacket stands up to this kind of weather, with a warm zipped in lining, and a hood that can be cinched. The tide was out, so I carried on down the path. Splotches of rain blew on my camera lens, turning the already grey seascape blurry. Finally, I tucked my camera in my pocket, and started for home. Snow began to fall before long, large flakes that melted on contact with land. By the time I arrived back home, snow was steadily falling. Once I was inside of course, the snow turned back to rain, and eventually stopped. Here’s a photo taken through the kitchen window of what the weather forecast described as a 'snow shower'.

The next few days are going to bring colder temperatures and more rain and snow, and by Thursday the high will be -4C and the low -8C. 

4°C | -2°C
2°C | -4°C
-2°C | -7°C
-4°C | -8°C

As ShySongbird remarked in a comment, as soon as she mentioned signs of spring and snowdrops, winter returned!

Brrrr-ing back the sun!


  1. It's been grey like that here for nearly a week but at least our forecast seems to be for improving temperatures.

  2. Brrr! Your pictures tell the story :)
    It's pretty dreary here so far this week. Damp and grey. They say it will get milder but I could do with some honest to goodness sunshine to dry the damp from my bones :) Mo

  3. it's definitely moving in to Spring over here....

    I like your bird photos, the kinglet is very pretty,

  4. What's the sun? It was grey here today and rain is forecast for tomorrow!
    I do so agree with the post title! Flighty xx