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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back to where the river meets the sea

Making days count 39

The wind had calmed down today and it was bright, clear and crisp. I thought it was a good opportunity to check out one of my favorite places. But first, a greeting to Townsend who was having breakfast.


The river was running rapidly into the sea, or at least it was more noticeable probably because the tide was way out. This also meant that the birds were a good hike in the distance as well except for some Buffleheads (male has the whiter head and females the little white patches on their Bufflehead cheeks ;)), a couple of Merganzers and various other water birds, such as Mallards.  I think the bird on the bottom left might be a Scoter.  Not sure though. I noticed one Bald Eagle perched atop an evergreen, and a gathering of gulls far across the rocky shore which I trundled across.  The Coast Range snow-capped mountains looked spectacular against the blue sky (top left photo in the group below).


Later I drove farther along and checked the wharf to see if there were any sea lions about. There were a few having a siesta on the near pier and a louder group on a log boom. I didn't go down to the lower platform to get any closer this time.

When I returned home, I made a tasty supper and decided also to bake an apple pie.


After supper, I checked out my photos, went for a swim, and here I am!

The moon is smiling and stars are so bright tonight.


  1. It sounds, and looks like, you had a really enjoyable day.
    The Townsend really is a lovely looking bird, and Buffleheads is such a great name!
    I spent this morning working on the plot for first time this year, both robins said hello and the yellow crocus opened in the sunshine. Flighty xx

  2. such a good way to spend your day!

  3. Yes, thanks Flighty, it was a great day. Townsend is a bright one and quite eye-catching. Bufflehead is a great name for the biggish headed bird, I agree.
    How wonderful that you were able to begin on your plot ~ with the company of your sweet robins and the golden crocus :) Sounds super!

    Thanks Kathy ~ it was a great day. When the weather is so bright, it is near impossible for me to stay inside!