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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fooling around with Fonts

Making Days Count 43

What a wet rainy day this was! I met two of my sons for lunch and we were all soaked walking from the car to the restaurant. 

Early this morning I was fooling with another font I made, and I decided to create something using both fonts. Here we are introduced to a fictional character, Elsie-Mae as she and her Dobie dog set off to visit their cousins Philbert and Phoebe Bartholomew.  Can anyone find Harzel in the image below?



  1. Dry here yesterday but the ground is too soggy to do much!
    I laughed at the daily requirements list of Elsie-Mae and Dobie, and I see that Harzel's fame has extended to being pictured on a stamp. I look forward to reading further exploits of them all! Flighty xx

  2. Wet here - dull and foggy too!How do you do this?

  3. Hi Flighty ~ Hope it stays dry which will help the ground to dry up. It's dry here today, too!
    Glad I brought a laugh with Elsie-Mae's list, and good for you for locating the Harzel stamp. More exploits today :)

    Hi Denise (Mrs. Nesbitt) ~ I've been using Photoshop Elements 9 recently to create the backgrounds, and incorporate various graphics and fonts. If you'd like to know more specifics, please let me know :)

  4. A rare Harzel stamp should fetch a pretty penny at auction in years to come lol.

  5. LOL John ~ perhaps I should collect seasonal ones for posterity ;)

  6. Photoshop Elements is such fun - love it! Thank you for visiting my Swan and Snipe post.

  7. Too much fun! I remember when there was a special company you sent your handwriting to and they'd create a digital font -- took weeks and a pile of money.

    I think a collection of Harzel stamps would be charming. Some friends of mine had photos of their twin sons (who'd just become Eagle Scouts) made into postage stamps. They used these stamps to send invitations to friends and family for the special ceremony. Very cool.