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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Catching up with Philbert, Birds and Baking

Making days count 46

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Carrying on with the exploits of Phoebe and Philbert Bartholomew and Elsie Mae Finglethorpe, let's catch up with Philbert.



Stay tuned.

Today was a wet old blustery day, and the weather did nothing to invite me outside, except I did take a few photos of birds at the feeder. Some of the photos were taken out of the window as well. The inclement weather did not seem to discourage the birds however, as there were many visitors. I recognized Bushtits, Chestnut-backed Chickadees, Kinglets,Dark-eyed Juncos, Red-breasted Nuthatches, a Spotted Towhee, and a Varied Thrush. Not all of them made it into the camera though!




It was a great day for baking, however. Since I have a variety of heart-shaped pans, they seemed to be perfect choices for Valentine's Day. Thanks to Louise's post, I looked up a recipe for Cranberry and Chocolate muffins. I used dried cranberries. These are huge muffin cups, so the recipe only made six. Deliciousness! Thanks Louise :)



  1. I like your heart shaped baking trays, how romantic those cakes will be!

    I love watching birds, but often don't even try to capture them on camera, as they are so likely to fly away and my photo skills aren't that good!

  2. I'm loving these little backgrounds you've found to continue the P&P stories.

    Those birds know a good thing and will brave the weather to get to their buffet!

  3. Poor Philbert!
    That's a wonderful variety of birds to liven up a wet day.
    The muffins look, and sound, delicious! Flighty xx

  4. Love the hreart shaped baking trays and even more the stuff that's in it. Yum!!!!!!

    Here the birds are also fed every day as they need more help during the last phase of winter and not a lot of natural food is left. Soon it will be spring though and on a day like today (sunny & mild) I can actually belief that spring's coming too.

  5. Well I have been catching up with them too Glo! I have been back to their beginnings and very entertaining they were too. What an imagination you have! I think you should probably be writing a novel, a children's book perhaps? You certainly have the talent, have you ever thought of it?

    Lovely to see your birds again and I really should remember to eat before visiting you as your delicious baking always makes me feel hungry ;)

  6. Thanks Juliet ~ The heart shaped pans add a little touch to the presentation ~ and also offer a chance to decorate them quite prettily.

    Now that the cat has moved from next door, the little birds are right out my front window, so there are lots of opportunities for photos. Out i the wild is a different story for sure!

    Thanks Nikki ~ Glad you are enjoying "behind the scenes" in the P&P stories.

    I'm so pleased to see the little birds out there...they are so sweet and flit around like leaves in the wind! I have quite a few feeders hanging off the Pink Dogwood tree.

    Hi Flighty ~ Poor Philbert is right ~ especially with what's coming next!

    They truly are delicious muffins. They are so big, I slice them like a loaf :)

    Hi Yolanda ~ Yes, aren't the heart shaped pans a change from the norm? Also I have been able to create large flower petal cakes by joining heart-shaped cakes of various sizes ~ also 3 of them can form a Shamrock ~ very versatile.

    I'm sure you're delighted to see spring heading your way, too...especially now that you have chickens to share it with :)

    Hi ShySongbird ~ Thanks for you encouraging comment re my imagination and writing. When I worked in the education system, I had so many opportunities to share my creations with the children, and of course they were such wonderful resources with their delightful imaginations. I definitely was in my element! Now that I have time for myself, I will think more about writing ~ I often end up writing poetry! Some silly, and some more serious...

    Yes, the birds are such fun to watch. I've had to freeze half of the baking!