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Monday, May 12, 2008

They have babies!

Yes, they do! Mr. and Mrs. R.B Nuthatch are proud parents. Now, I haven't seen these babies, but I have heard them. I really tried to get a movie of the parents feeding them through the bird house hole to see if I could record their cheepings, but they are such quick little critters, that they're gone before I can even start to film... however, while I was waiting patiently I did see and hear a hummingbird, which I captured on video for a very short time! I'm wondering if it has a nest in the apricot tree, because it was in and out of there all day. Also there is a very small yellow bird that frequents the same tree. I worked out in the garden ALL day... the blossoms, the birds and I...


  1. That's such good news. I certainly didn't know that you get hummingbirds there!
    It sounds wonderful being in the garden with the birds and blossom. xx

  2. Congratulations! You are now the proud parent of baby birds. This means you will worry as much as you did with your own children, you will check them constantly and protect them whenever you can. You have a long road ahead til the happy day the babies fly up and out. (Perhaps out and up would be more successful!)
    I spent all day yesterday in the garden and on Saturday my dad and I were bunnie watching from our deck chairs on the lawn.
    Good video!

  3. Great to get a film of the hummingbird. I have only ever seen them when we visited the Dominican Republic a few years back. They are certainly fascinating birds to watch and very pretty. We do get the nuthatch over here, but I haven't ever seen one, only in a book! x

  4. Hi Flighty ~ Yes, it is good news! When I'm working away in the yard, I keep looking toward the birdhouse hoping for a glimpse, and in the meantime other birds seem to be vying for attention! Yes, we have lots of hummingbirds that enjoy the blooms well into summer. Hopefully I'll get more photos. The weather has cooled down...brrr, but we are expecting a heat wave by the weekend.

  5. Daffy ...LOL ~ Just call me Nanna Nuthatch! I am quite excited and hope that I can get some good photos. They sure flit about. Yes, out and up would be far better ~ that made me laugh! There's always the end of the clothesline to hang on to (for the birds I mean), so that should help them get their least that's what the tree sparrows used to do.

    Glad to hear the bunny watch is going well, happy and hoppy ~ sounds like a lovely time relaxing on the deck chairs with your dad.

    Glad you liked watching the hummingbird's short little video :)

    Louise ~ Thanks :) ~ I was lucky to have my camera already set on movie mode. Hopefully I'll get some more photos and videos.