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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sunday's Sights, Sounds and Scents

This slideshow starts with a photo of little flowers in my window box that survived the winter, a flower from the pink dogwood tree in the front yard, some lilac blooming which smell divine, and the back garden hummingbird surveying from his tree perch. I noticed that much of the snow has melted off the mountain, but there still seems to be a good covering in parts. While downtown, I noticed the beautiful white dogwood, which is our provincial emblem. Also I took a photo of the little rose garden in the same area, which is how I imagined mine to be (until I found the big stumpy root). More on that in a later blog. One never knows what might come clip-clopping down the sidewalk, and I was happy that I had my camera out to capture the culprits. Finally,the sunset. Hope you enjoy :)


  1. Wow Glo! The mountains scream 'Serenity!' What beautiful sights you have shared once again.

  2. Fantastic photo of the mountains near you! There's so much in bloom - I bet the scents are wonderful. When is the season for your roses to bloom?

  3. There's little I can add to Daffy and Nikki's comments so I'm going to have another look at these lovely photos! xx

  4. The lilacs photos make me wish the lilac tree I planted in my parents' yard would bloom more profusely but southern CA is just too hard on it. Thanks for sharing yours :) Love that photo of the snowy mountain too.

  5. Hi Daffy :) I love "scream 'Serenity'" ... sort of an ironic juxtaposition or something ;) Glad you enjoyed the photos.

    Hi Nikki :) ... Thanks, that mountain is part of many of my photos ~ it's especially beautiful in winter when the sunrise tips the snowcap and turns it pink! Yes, there are many scents right now ~ magnolia, lilac, my mock orange for example. I took a photo today of the rose in my front garden which I planted last year. The buds are coming, and one shows just a hint of yellow. It's an old fahioned rose called Golden Celebration. The roses have a way to go yet, and bloom all summer.

    Hello Flighty :) I'm happy to hear you are enjoying the photos. I took another pic of the peony, but the buds are still no opened. I don't blame them...with the wind and rain we've been having after a glorious weekend!

    Hi Roomie ~ Lilacs are beautiful, aren't they! Twice I have visited S. California in winter where it was so much warmer than here, and once in the autumn. I can imagine our spring blossoms not lasting too long in your weather, but I loved seeing the poinsettias blooming in San Diego one Christmas! Glad you enjoyed the mountain as well!