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Thursday, May 29, 2008

At the Beach


  1. What a nice way to share a little panoramic view of the beach! I've seen several beach photo posts lately and it makes me want to visit. Happy weekend, Glo :-)

  2. A walk on a beach at sunset is very high on my list of simple pleasures!
    Lovely Glo, thanks! xx

  3. Hi Nikki ~ Thanks :) I take so many photos, it is sometimes hard to decide which ones to show! Glad you enjoyed the visit to the beach and hope you are able to visit one near you as well :)

    Flighty ~ Indeed, it is one of the best of simple pleasures :) Glad you enjoyed the visit.

  4. Flighty summed it up perfectly...simple pleasures. You have triggered some lovely memories Glo.. one is of the annual 'club' trip that we went on when I was child and I'm sure I wrote a story about it. :o)
    Sunsets..waves and warmth... it is beautiful! I hope you have had a good weekend Glo! :o)

  5. Smiles here from me
    imagining I was there with my feet in the sand, feeling the water lap at my legs at sundown. You know, a trip to the beach isn't a trip without getting a bit wet.
    There is nothing quite like an evening stroll on the beach; I think if I was ever stranded on a deserted island, I would never tire of the sunsets and the feeling of the water at my toes.
    Thanks again for the smiles