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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Colours of Spring

Tabblo: Colours of Spring

A visit to the Gardens today ~ with a wide range of colour, and even what appeared to be a green butterfly (leaf) and a couple of robins getting married ~ to the tune of "Here Comes the Bird..." ... See my Tabblo>


  1. Lovely! It's amazing how everything springs into life at this time of year with an almost infinite range of colours and shapes. xx

  2. Hi Flighty ~ Thanks for checking out my photos ~ I think you've summed it up well! I had seen some Tabblo presentations and thought I'd see how they worked! I have some more photos from Sunday, which I'll use in future blogs. :)

  3. Hello
    Thank you for your visit and kind comments.
    I love your photos.. and I can see you have a keen eye for the art of photography. I could sure do with some help with photoshop.. I got horribly tangled up with it last week.. a real learning curve!


  4. Great collection of springy blooms, Glo. Can we ever get enough of these delicate colors and soft new greens?

  5. Michele ~ Lovely to see you dropping by and leaving a message :) My son took a two year graphics arts program before he left home, and that is how I was introduced to Photoshop. I learned a lot from him and his course! Now I check out Photoshop tutorials online if I need to learn a are right about the learning curve, quite the program!

    Nikki ~ Good to see you back! I'll be over to check your blog. Yes, spring is gorgeous with it's glorious new favorite season!

  6. Red-breasted nuthatch... rufous-sided towhee... and now ROBINS. Great! Thanks for the free Biology class, I've learnt a lot. you encouraged me to look for sites about birds and I found a site very interesting
    I also visited your Tablo, your photos are very beautiful
    Congratulations! Hugs.