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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bluebells, Bees and Beauty

I have been as busy as the buzzing bees! The weather has turned glorious, so I have been out in the garden, digging, weeding, planting, cutting the lawn, etc. However, I have also been out and about. This slideshow starts with some Canada Geese and their goslings I spotted in a pond. The rest of the photos are from the woodland gardens where I spent a few hours on Saturday. It's very close to home, and always lovely to visit, especially since I have a season's pass. The very last photo is a nice bright red thing, that was warm and sunny tasting when I got home!


  1. Wonderful! Just wonderful! Many thanks for sharing.

  2. Another slideshow treat!
    What a coincidence...have a look at today's London Daily Nature Photo! xx

  3. Beautiful - just beautiful! Many thanks for... um... sharing...

    (the dots and ums - I caught glimpse of daffy's comment as was typing and realised I was typing practically the same thing... great minds think alike -laughs-

    Have a great day there

  4. Hello Daffy ~ So glad you stopped by to share my photos ~ and glad you enjoyed them. :)

    Hi Flighty ~ Yes, I did see the Canada Geese and young ones on London Daily Nature Photo! I really love the photos he takes ~ he has inspired me to look at things from different angles. For example, he had taken a picture of a dragonfly shadow from the underside of a leaf, and since then I have been standing under trees looking up through leaves...closest I got was a photo of a fly, but it was fun trying.

    Hello WP ~ I enjoy your humour :) I am pleased you enjoyed the slideshow, and realize that you and Daffy know each other well...and no doubt are like-minded... glad you both drop in :)