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Friday, May 23, 2008

Have your cake...

During the last couple of days, I have been making a hamburger cake to take to a barbecue in honour of a friend who is retiring. I have put a few photos together in a slide show, first showing the cake used for the bottom of the bun. Two other cakes were made, a chocolate one for the "meat" and another light coloured one for the top. I made some marzipan tomatoes, lettuce and cheese, and put them in the freezer. Last night I assembled the layers and iced them, and today transported the completed project to the party, where it was duly admired.

On the drive home about 9 p.m., I noticed a pinkish hue as the sun was setting. I found my way to the nearest beach access and photographed the beauty of it. A lovely way to end a very busy work week!


  1. Did you ever see the film The Pelican Brief? The second slide show kind of reminds me of the opening credits of that film. Beauty personified.
    This cake. Now while I think it is fabulous and your talents are stretching way too far for my liking.... but I do have an issue with it. You see I just see a huge great burger that I am ready to sink my teeth into. How confusing would that be for my brain when I hit my taste buds with sponge cake and marzipan when all it really wanted was a dirty great burger with melted cheese on top. ;o)
    Brilliant as ever Glo. Have a great weekend. :o)

  2. Daffy has a point about the cake but I'm sure that I could easily overcome any such confusion! I bet that it was much appreciated.
    I love the sunset photos! Seeing that for real must be one of the best 'simple pleasures' going. xx

  3. Glo, this cake is fantastic. It really does look like a hamburger. How you have done the lettuce is amazing. Your friends must have thought it was wonderful. x

  4. Flighty. I don't know if it's just me but when I press your link on your comment it goes to a very strange place and my pc is blocking pop ups. Like I said though it could just be me. :o)
    (Just ignore if it's ok for everyone else.)

  5. Daffy you're right! Sorry about that, it's because I typed my URL incorrectly. Thanks for pointing it out. xx

  6. Hi Daffy ~ No I haven't seen Pelican Brief, but a lovely compliment to pay to my sunset :) Thanks.
    LOL ~ yes, brains, and taste buds, could be confused by the whole cake/hamburger thing ~ at this party though, you would have been able to have the choice of beef burger, salmon burger, or veggie burger. The real dessert was apple or rhubarb crisp with custard and ice cream. My cake was more of a novelty and a complete surprise, because the retiree and I have a history of hilarious episodes. For example, I once made her an exploding cake and another made out of baker's clay when she was on a diet... Nobody wanted to cut into the hamburger cake, so the decision was made to put the hamburger cake into the freezer, and present it to the children in her class on Monday...

    Flighty ~ I think once the taste buds had a bit of cake, they'd forget all about a real hamburger ;)

    I thought you might like the sunset photos. When I see a sight like that, I am just so grateful, and awestruck really, at the beauty. Indeed, a perfect example of a simple pleasure, made even more pleasurable by being able to share it.

    Louise ~ Thanks so much for your kind words :) My friends never know what to expect from me! Although something like this takes time, the creative process is fun especially when it turns out OK...

  7. Wow, now that is an amazing cake! I am impressed. I am "cake challenged" and can't even make a plain cake look decent. Let us know what her class thought of it.

  8. How did I miss that cake? What a very cool idea - and expertly executed, too!