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Thursday, May 29, 2008

To a Wild Rose

A lovely evening, so I decided to go for a walk to the beach in time for the sunset. First I took photos at home.... of the peony bloom, sweet peas that were planted late last year, blue flower like the plant in Flighty’s stone feature, a cloud that reminded me of the UK, Mr. or Mrs. Nuthatch on the clothesline, the neighbour’s veggie garden, my first yellow rose bud…then off I went down the path to the beach where I saw my first wild rose of the season, bramble blossoms, deep purple lilac, wisteria dripping from a tree, an eagle on top of a tree, the bright sun getting ready to set, footprints in the sand, and a dragon-fire sunset! I felt infused with the fragrance of lilac, wisteria, wild roses, blossoms ~ and the fresh sea air. All senses completely satisfied!


  1. What a wonderful selection of photos, and as you say a real feast for the senses!
    I like them all but the beach ones are really good, as is the nuthatch.
    I've actually moved my Centaurea montana 'Mountain Cornflower' as it wasn't very happy there.
    Thanks! xx

  2. I am of the same mind as Flighty. Those seashore images are so beautiful and refreshing. How splendid that you're so near the beach. Lovely!

  3. Flighty ~ thanks, glad you liked the photos. I finally got a decent picture of one of the elusive nuthatches, and one of these days I'll have to look through my photos, and see if I can figure out what they're up to! I've loaded a couple of videos taken last night at the beach ~ watch your toes....the tide's coming in!

    My "Mountain Cornflowers" appeared at the based of the lilac tree. What do you have planted in your stone feature now?

    Hi Roomie ~ So glad you enjoyed being at the seaside as well:) Yes, it's lovely that the beach is within walking distance...a good walk, too because it's downhill there which, of course, means an uphill walk back! Hope you enjoy the videos, too.

  4. Oh, that cloud looks like the UK! And how lovely to see your peony in full bloom.

  5. I also have Centaurea Montana in my garden, the blue bursts are one of my favourites. The cloud is definitely the UK. I live right down in the bottom right-hand corner! x

  6. Thanks Nikki ~ Glad you could see the resemblance with the cloud shaped like the UK, too! Yes, the peony continues to bloom beautifully :)

    Louise ~ I'm glad to learn the names of the different types of flowers. Loved your comment about where you are situated in "the cloud"...LOL :)

  7. I know it's been too long since I stopped by to comment... but just sitting back and watching the photos go by... with a smile

    I have a "thing" for water, clouds and sunsets and sunrises; the dragon-fire sunset made me beam a smile across the room (where my pearly whites Hollywood-polished I'd've probably blinded and bedazzled my co-worked on the other side of the office)

    It's been too long since I've been the beach; I've some time off due - maybe a trip is in order.

    Thanks for sharing,
    and thanks for the smiles