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Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Ducky Post

Thanks to Daffy's recent photo of ducklings, I remembered to go Duck Hunting this weekend, with my camera of course. My son suggested the little ponds beside the "Trail to Town", so both of us set off. I have managed to put a few video clips together through Windows Movie Maker, and then uploaded the movie to Photobucket. There are a few odd noises throughout...but please forgive the imperfections and enjoy the show :)

After the walk in the morning, the weather became really warm, so my son and I decided to go for a drive away from home, housework, yardwork..and any kind of other was a day to relax...We came across this sign, so had to take a photo ;)

Another photo from this afternoon:


Here's a video for Flighty, not landing at our local airport, but one farther up the island.

And here's tonight's sun setting to finish off a glorious day. When I zoomed in, the photos showed more of the orange shade.


  1. What an terrific entry! The ducks could have been a bit more co-operative couldn't they? Perhaps they will another day.
    The photo and the sunset were views I could look at anytime.
    The same goes for the Buffalo, which is a type which was seen over here occasionally for air shows back in the 1980s. Canadian Air Force aircraft are rare visitors to RAF Northolt, my local airport, nowadays sadly.
    Thanks for some wonderful images, which have helped brighten up a dull day here! xx

  2. Hi Flighty ~ Thanks :) The ducklings were fast movers, but I really enjoyed seeing the little parade across the path. Mother Duck was making clucking sounds to communicate with her brood, while they happily chirped away.
    Glad you were able to identify the plane, and interesting about the 80's air shows. I have since found out that there are 6 Buffalo planes stationed at this base, and they are now used for search and rescue.
    The scenery is picturesque around here, so picture taking is easy, and the sunsets are a plus! Pleased to hear the blog entry brightened your day :) Here's wishing for some sun for you.

  3. You know that farm I visited, they had ducks for sale, only £20 each, which I thought was a very reasonable price, but unfortunately I have no pond to put one in! I could watch ducklings for hours. I love how mum keeps close by to keep an eye on them. They are so funny when they glide back into the water too. x

  4. Hi Louise ~ Yes, looks like it was a great visit you had at the farm. No pond here for ducks, either, but it's great to see them in nearby ponds :) I'm hoping to see more of them because they are quite fascinating to watch, as you say. Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a lovely comment :)

  5. I love those little duckies, Glo. So cute. There are some ducks at the lake nearby but no ducklings. Thanks for the video.

  6. Thanks Roomie ~ they are cute, aren't they. I'll have to go and see how they're coming along. I wonder why there are no ducklings in your lake!