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Friday, May 9, 2008

Birds and the bee

I have been as busy as Billio! After getting home from work for the past two nights, I have been working in the back corner of my property. It is an area that used to be a raised bed strawberry patch when we moved here about 15 years ago. The bed is about 16' x 24'. (EDIT: Actually the area is that size, but the bed is 8'x 16'...) Since that time it gradually "evolved" into a mass of not strawberries...ahem. Because it was behind a shed, it was easy to ignore, but now with all this talk of gardening, I have dived in and started clearing the area. I was out there 5 hours yesterday, and about 4 today.

Last night I realized that the bird house on top of the washing line pole was inhabited. When we first put the bird house up years ago, the first family were tree was cute when the babies were in a row on the line! Last night, I spotted a red-breasted nuthatch and its mate going in and out of the birdhouse. I was so excited, and that is probably why all 19 photos were blurry (either that or the camera setting was inadvertently moved!) So tonight I thought I'd have another go. I finally noticed one, but it didn't go into the nest when I was watching. One of the interesting things about these birds, is that they spend a lot of time upside down...on trees...and bird houses.

My digging partner was a rufous-sided towhee, who happily inspected whatever turned up. I couldn't just have birds without a bee (photo was taken at the Gardens I visited last weekend). I also dug up some rocks and piled rock group. Just as I was packing it in for the day, I heard some beautiful birdsong, so I recorded it on video as I scanned the sky, clouds and trees. Here is the compilation:


  1. You have been busy! What are you intending to do with that area once it's cleared?
    I like the bird box on top of the pole!
    I originally said that I'd like a rockery on the plot forgetting that I need rocks, and soil, to do that. I may end up with a logery instead!
    Love the video! xx

  2. Wow. That's quite a bit of dedicated work on an area. Will you grow strawberries again? I liked the tour of your evening sky and the little birdhouse. Is that a conflict of interest - the birdhouse and a clothesline? ;-)

  3. Hi Glo! I loved your birds, I have never seen any of them. Here we have species of birds very different from yours. My grandddaughter has just called me aqnd I told her that I was watching a record of birds made by my Canadian friend.I promised to show her it tomorrow.
    Hugs, my friend.

  4. Hi Flighty ~ I have promised myself a rose garden! In fact I have a start on it already...
    Thanks ~ The trees have grown even taller over the years, and it is nearly tucked inside them. I read that nuthatches eat conifer seeds, so they have found a perfect spot.

    I think a logery is a a perfect descriptive term ~ and you've invented another new word ;)

    Pleased to hear you enjoyed the video.

    Hello Nikki ~ No, not strawberries...a rose garden! Thanks for the inspiration:) I've always loved roses.

    LOL ~ yes I see what you mean about the conflict of interest ~ but it's a very long clothesline, and the birds are well out of the way.

    Welcome nadja ~ I'm pleased to know that you have enjoyed the birds, and I hope your granddaughter liked them too...

  5. Roses! Do you know what kinds?

  6. The red-breasted nuthatch likes to hang upside down? So interesting.

  7. Hi Nikki ~ I'll let you know more about the roses once the area is planted. After seeing your exceptional roses garden, I'm a little nervous about even mentioning my attempt...however, hopefully my rose garden will flourish!

    Hi BH ~ Yes, nuthatches are known as the upside down bird according to my bird book. Speaking of upside down... Did you know that pandas come headfirst down trees?? It's a topsy turvy world!