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Friday, May 2, 2008

Filigree, Flowers and Feathers

Photos from last weekend ~ The first slideshow is a compilation of silhouetted branches and trees ~

I love the smell of wallflowers ~ and I was treated to a swath of them ... Also came across some Blue Camas, wild flowers which have an interesting history, loved the way the rain drops were balancing on some fresh green leaves, and a splash of colour at the end of this slideshow ~

There was a variety of bird life in the park ~ while I was watching the ducks splash about, a couple of other feathered creatures strolled by...

A most interesting bird nest ~ that of a titmouse ~



  1. Wow! This was wonderful to watch and gently wake myself up on a warm(ish) Saturday morning! What beautiful images and colours! The sights we see are really mood-creating aren't they? If we open our eyes and really _see_ them.
    I think what you have captured here Glo is inspirational in many ways. You make writers want to write, walkers want to walk, and lazy do-nothingers to do nothing! :o)
    Just lovely! x

  2. Can I be lazy and say that Daffy has said it all!
    Wonderful entry and I love the title! xx

  3. Wow. Some incredible photos there - looks a most wonderful and beautiful place. Today I decided to walk around the city (instead of my usual canal walk) - but in your collections of birds, flowers and trees - I feel I've been there today.

    Like Daffy says - it is inspiring and beautiful... I hope the weather here holds for tomorrow, I thinking of an early morning walk... with my own 3f's :)

    Take care there

  4. Daffy ~ Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I'm pleased you enjoyed sharing some of the sights I've seen, and that you found them inspiring :) Indeed, they do seem to give a sense of the first one, the grey sky emphasizes the starkness of the bare-ish trees, yet luckily there was enough splash of colourful growth that livened things up. For some reason (spring?) the ducks were acting up, splashing about and splooshing into the water ... and making a racket!

    Flighty ~ Pleased you enjoyed the entry, too, and the title's alliteration :)... and no, you can't be lazy, you have to come up with your own response ... haha ;)

    Eotw ~ good to see you WoodPigeon (sorry ~ I can't help calling you that:) Thanks for sharing my photos :) I do live in a very picturesque area with mountains, forests, ocean, rivers, name it, and most often the climate is temperate, however this winter and spring seem to have been rather temperamental!

  5. laughs - I don't mind you calling me "woodpigeon" :> I answer to most things really !! I had planned a morning walk today, although weather (and my brain deciding it'd be nice to have a lie in) was against me. This evening though, it was (relatively) dry and warm, and I took an evening walking to my favourite spot on the canal; did a bit of "cloud bursting" and relaxing watching the sun go down.

    I know it's not quite the same as your part of the world; but to me, it's a slice of heaven (or something like that)

    I think this year, the weather's a bit mixed up here, there and everywhere. I think the only thing we can predict, is that it'll be a bit unpredictable :)

    Hope your weekend is being a good one

  6. I wish now I had taken a photo of the beds of colourful wallflowers we passed on our cycle ride. I made a comment of their lovely scent. x